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Balsamic Vinegar


I've always thought of vinegar as a good "free" food that I apply liberally. However, I noticed that the 3 tbsp of balsamic vinegar I sautee my veggies in has 15g. of sugar?? The only ingredients on the bottle are balsamic vinegar, yet each tbsp has 5g. of carbs. Does balsamic have to be limited to c+p meals? I love the stuff. :frowning:


Balsamic vinegar is different from most other vinegars. Balsamic is made by cooking down and evaporating off liquids over time (at least 12 years) from grape must (unfermented juice) until it's the consistency of syrup. Concentrating the juice also concentrates the sugars.

You can cut the balsamic vinegar you use with a high quality red wine vinegar. You'll still get a good bit of the flavor and less of the carbs.