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Ballys Fitness

Was thinking about going to Ballys for a job soon. Wanted to know if anyone works there, or has worked there and how their pay rate, etc… is, thanks…

I started there about 7 years ago as a PT.

To sum it up, it is not a good place to work.

They want you to haggle with single mom’s about session prices and you only get 18% pf the 64$ per session they want you to charge.

Luckily, I got out of commerical clubs as early as possible.

That is my $.02.

Ballys is a fucking joke. i got fired from their PT Fundamentals because i wore sandals after being told “all physical stuff is over with” …or something to that extent.

if i didnt get fired then i would have either quit or gotten fired anyway. they dont let you train people how you see according, what i should say is they let you train people how you want so long as you dont ever use isolation or dumb bells over 30lbs…yeah.

you have to go and find your own clientele to pay $2,000 for like 20 sessions.

they also start you off at $14 per session (that the person is paying 45-80 dollars for).

personally i think the only way youll make a decent buck is if you get a sales job. their PT is retarded and i make more money bussing tables at a shabby Bar and Grill than their fancy corporation.

haha thanks for the imput guys. I currently work at La fitness and their pay roll is even worse. They pay $6 a session, which makes it nearly impossible to make money, that is why I was inquiring about Ballys.