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Balls Won't Drop

Just started on this website, site kicks ass not sure if im in the right forum but here we go i did test c 1-12, dbol 1-4
followed by a pct of hcg and tamoxifen 1-4 now takin clomid for 3 weeks
I am in my 1st week of the clomid and my balls dropped during hcg but since ive been off for about 5 days they shrunk back up and when i have sex i loose one this is scary as hell never happened before done 4 cycles prior never had this problem

Please help with anything I am doing wrong or what is going on, thank you.

I believe that you meant to be in the steroids forum, which is this way —> http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear?pageNo=1&s=forumsNavTop

This forum is for people suffering from and trying to treat hypogonadism (aka androgen deficiency disorder, low T, etc.) and associated/similar disorders (e.g. hypothyroidism).

Read the ‘protocol for injections sticky’. Do not post into the stickies! Do not hijack peoples topics. Always come back to a thread that is yours for lab results, updates and questions. Do not create multiple posts about your issues.

You will not find much here about PCT except for the few cases like yours. The steroid’s PCT info is often flawed.

Your PCT has not worked. Your testes seemed to have been responsive to hCH but not clomid. A first glance, it appears that your hypothalamus and pituitary are not working parts of your HPTA.

PCT can fail if there is an estrogen rebound. Arimidex/anastrozole has an important role to play.

Using hCG and any SERM together is dead wrong. You can be over stimulating the LH receptors in your testes.

Nolvadex and clomid are doing the same thing. If you have doubts that the clomid might not be real, then switch back to nolvadex and see how that goes.

How long between the PCT and starting clomid? You may need lab work to deal with this.

It is normal and expected for the scrotum to pull up during sex.

What is your history with deca, hair loss drugs and pro-hormones?

Thank you KSman I started clomid 1 week after hcg. I have never done deca or hair loss drugs but have messed around with a lot of pro hormones like h-drol, m-drol and supervol about 2 years ago. I will just continue to take the comid then and give it another week because the testes are down but not all the way and sometimes during the day they shrink right up but when i was having sex they vanish its freaky shit.