Balls Still Shrunk After Nolvadex Only PCT

Hi i am 25 years old i did a first test e 500 only cycly 2 pins per week i did a nolvadex only pct after two weeks of last injection but my balls did not recover i think maybe they regain some size but they still small my pct was :
Day1: nolva 100
Following 10 days nolva 60
Following 10 days nolva 40
Following 10 days nolva 20
Its been a month and a half since i finished my pct nothing changed i was considering to run hcg for one or two weeks then restart my pct please help asap


You need a blood test. TT/FT/E2/LH/FSH if these are in range your PCT was successful and you just need to wait for your ball to return to their normal size. Heah at least your dick didn’t get any shorter. Doh!
I would not take HCG if you are still shutdown HCG will keep you shutdown.

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I will i forget to add i never experienced low t symptoms
Libido always was high never went low even after the cycle finished i experienced a little estrogenic symptoms like bloated face


Can you please elaborate? This is not something I’m familiar with and seems counter to my own reading.

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Soo do you think i should take hcg and restart my pct?

Balls still shrunk? Look at the bright side, you dick looks bigger.


What are you like five ? I am asking for help not for a clown

HCG simulates LH when the endocrine system detects this the pituitary gland does not release its own LH hence you are still shutdown.

But i heard many users who experienced my same situation used hcg and their problem was solved ?!

Sounds like your estrogen may be inflated also. Grab a midol mate.


Couldn’t be like a kick start for natural testosterone production

You cried for help above. I gave it to you. Take it or leave it I don’t really care.

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Just askin sure I’ll get the blood work done

T-Nation gold. Well done

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isn’t a 1.5 months still too soon to panic? I think give it another 2 months.

I’ve spoken to an endocrinologist about this stuff recently and he said not to panic unless you’re a few months in and nothing has improved

Okay so should i take nolva for another 2 months ?

maybe it is not shrunk how can you be sure? because you say libido is ok which means T is in production

go get checked it

Because of the size they are way smaller than the way they used to be