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Balls Shrinking


I have been using 200mg of deca + 100 mg oxymetholone + 20 mg of stanozolol for about 10 days now
The problem is My balls are begin to shrink which has never happened to me before my balls are almost size of peanut and i am experiencing a libido drop .
Please advice me what amount of HCG should i use and for how long . should i stack it with tamoxi ?
I have never run 4-5 short cycles of Sust+ nandrolone in past without having any pct .

I am 5.7 inches tall , weighting 170 lbs with 5%bf.
Chest 58 Inches, Arms 19 inches Forearms 16 inches legs 25 inches


Deca plus no test = no dick


well i learned my lessons but intended to run a small cycle didnt knew it will fuck up so early.
Any solutions ?


Sorry to hear about your balls but, this is borderline AAS 101. Deca is known for shutting down your libido pretty hard hence the reason you rarely see people use is without the addition of some sort of test with it. As for the HCG I can't help you cause I really know nothing about it besides that fact that it is generally used during a cycle whereas tamox or nolva is generally used as a PCT or to combat some gyno during cycle if you aren't already using an AI to prevent this.


I am thinking to stop this cycle and run HCG and nolva from tomorrow will it help ?


If I was in your shoes I would def try and get my hands on some test to get your libido back. I mean unless you are using HCG on cycle you are most likely gonna have some ball shrinkage anyways. But for me they come back to normal once I am off cycle and through PCT. The problem you will run into now is that you would most likely want a long ester test to go with the long ester of deca. So if you were able to start today on say an enathate ester it would still be a couple of weeks before you see your libido come back to life.


I'm in no position to give advice on the use of HCG dosing during or post cycle so I really can't help out there. Overall I would scrap this cycle till you learn a bit more about what your doing and why you are doing it. I don't know your cycle history or experience with AAS but from the looks of it I would def do some more research before starting this cycle back up. Read the stickies up at the top, they should at the very least be able to point you in the right direction.


this is what i have right now in my hand ;
Sustanon 250
test propionate
test enanthate

How should i use them ?


i can possibly get any gear i can , As far as i was suggested by my dealer that if i run the gear at low dosages for a time period of less then a month and then get off them for 3-4 months it would be fine . but now i believe the speculations made by my dealer was not right.


What exactly are your goals for this cycle? I'm kind of assuming that you are wanting to put weight on considering 170 lbs isn't all that large. Deca being generally used exclusively in bulking cycles but stanozolol is usually a cutting drug.


my plans were to use
200mg of deca + 100 mg oxymetholone + 20 mg of stanozolol X 14 days
200mg deca +500mg sustanon + 100mg oxymetholone + 40 mg of stanozolol X 14 days
and then quit my cycle

Now my goal is to get my balls back i will run the planned cycle after 2 months or whenever my body levels get normal .


You could start the test enanthate at like 400 mg a wk through the end of your cycle. Maybe do and extra wk or two with the test alone and then go into your normal PCT one wk after last injection. Think thats what I would do
Good Luck (we all know anything involving the balls or libido can be very scary)


I suppose you could also front load with your test prop to get your libido back a bit quicker while the enanthate kicks in. Besides that this cycle needs a bit more help than just that. Running deca for a month is going to be an overall waste off time and gear.


so how many test enanthate should i put and for how many weeks ?
I am not gonna tuch oxymetholone deca and stanozolol now .


I'd love to see a picture of this physique. Same size chest as Arnold at 170lbs. 19" arms at 170lbs. Brilliant


here are my pics i took few months back








and pwned, lol