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Balls Shrinking Recently. Increase HCG Dose?

So I’ve been taking trt a year now. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed my balls feel tighter and smaller. My erections are softer to?

I take 300iu hcg twice a week. However I’m debating upping it to 3 x per week.

Also I take test c 200mg split Monday/Thursday
Arimadex 0.25 twice a week.

I can’t get my bloods done due to the current pandemic.

Any advice to what’s going on?

Following because I have the same problem.

Sorry I can’t help ya, but one thing’s for certain and that’s you’re going to get your ass torn apart for taking an AI.

Ok so you would advice no ai for that dose?


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You should cycle your HCG use, stop the AI, and start taking Cialis. How old are you?

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I’m 31, I’m taking it a trt dose as blast an cruise. But because I’m progressing on this dose I don’t feel like I need a blast.

So I should cycle my hcg? Any examples? From what I’ve read people have been taking hcg for years with trt.

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I wouldn’t know, but people on here get right mad about AI use.