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Balls of Steel!

Haven’t seen this posted yet - check out this show here in the UK called Balls of Steel - it’s a whole bunch of public comedy acts but I think these are hilarious.

Here are some of my favourites:

Urban Sprinting:

The Annoying Devil:

Make them Move:

Bunny Boiler:

Militant Black Guy:

Hahahahahaha. That shits funny.

My favorite was the annoying devil “ur a twat.”

thats bad ass

“Make them move” had me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

“Gimme a chicken royale and some FACKIN diddy donuts!”

I’ve always wondered about the security guards at malls.

I mean, if your telling me if I was to steal something, that some donut filled pig is going to chase me down and catch me?

Got another classic here - this one’s called urban skittles:


Thanks for posting that.

I love British humor.

Militant Black Guy is pretty funny.

[quote]Dirty Tiger wrote:
Militant Black Guy is pretty funny.[/quote]

Was the pun when he talked to the garden guy intentional? Either way, I had to laugh pretty hard when he looked him straight in the eye and said :“I need a tool to dig a hole in my garden”.