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Balls of Justice (What's your super power?)

Lol! That was the best post ever! I think I could be your plucky sidekick!

Well when I move it sounds like a cement mixer. Every part on me can make a cracking noise. Such as: shoulders, neck, back, wrist, knees, ankles, chest, jaw, knuckles, toes, elbows, hips…I think my dick even made cool noise once. I guess I’m crepidis boy. Did I spell it right? Oh I also have anti-spelling powers. :slight_smile:

Hey, people actually like this thread. I suppose I haven’t lost my touch afterall. Nyce.

“MB Eric: almost nearly perfectly capable of doing anyfuckingthing he wants since 1221.”


I can’t reveal my alter-ego name, that would reveal my true super-hero identity. If you are clever, you can spot me because I leave a trail of clues to my identity. You can recognize me because a lot of really hot chicks call me “nice, sweet, etc” They are usually referring to me as “We’re just friends”. This is a clue to me of their superhero ID because they will spill their guts to me about their last or current boyfriends as “lazy, asshole, insensatitive…” will hug me in that non threatening way and then go back to said rectal man. I then will usually be hit on by the heavier braods who will have their appearance hidden by the hot ones who haven’t realized yet their NEED for me by the tags"they are nice, great personality". I then adjourn to my lair and try my best to satisfy my need to rtheeproduce via the miracle of the internet, but fertilizing a kleenex hasn’t been successful.

Dude, you and I must be twins separated at birth. I just retain odd ends and pieces from foreign languages. My wife, after browsing a hair care book asks me about the origins for the word “shampoo”, which she just learned from the book. I just recalled off the top of my head that it is from Hindi and the original word is “champo.” I remember reading that in my fourth grade spelling book. From the same spelling book, I seem to recall that the word “skunk” comes from the Algonquin (my recollection of the exact tribe may be wrong) word for the same animal, “segonku.” I think I recall these things because I find them intensely interesting and subconsciously recall the info over and over. Char-dawg, I am very impressed with your Japanese, I must say. Your last post in where you referred to your place as “uchi n chi” is very colloquial and people who are only formally trained would never learn that.

Jay nice post! Funniest one I’ve heard in while. :slight_smile: