Balls of Justice (What's your super power?)

Hey T-folques. Lately my posts haven’t been recieving much attention, or maybe they have and no one’s responding, all good. Anyways, I thought this would be an interesting thread piece: What “super power”, if any, do you possess? Something that often gives you an edge in T-related activities. Not “I can Bench 400” or “I’m genetically programmed to get huge” but jsut interesting properties unique to you. Personally, I have the “Wolverine style” healing power. Doctors and surgeons are repeatedly amazed at how quickly I recover from operations, illness, ect. I also have a sick threshold for pain which is both good and bad. I can take a lot of abuse but I’m often not sure of whether I’m really hurt or not. So, what’s your super power? Lata.

"MB Eric: Form of a monkey, shape of, uhm...a buff monkey? Since 0011."


I can take myself to a place in my mind where pain doesnt exist. I get this cocky ass look on my face and look straight ahead like im in a trance. Its really freaky.

I’ve always believed that illness is as much psychological as physical. A good example is people who have sore backs and rather than exercising them adopt the mentality that they have “back problems”. Suddenly a transient problem becomes a life time disability.

All the guys are probably going to say that they have crazy pain thresholds. So I have a crazy pain threshold too. When I was rowing competitively, I routinely had to barf after training & get carried around because of my inaability to walk. But guys would have killed to have raced in my boat with me.

I don’t leave skid marks in my underwear.

Hey i have also got real quick healing properties, i have an ok pain tolerance but my real strength is strength endurance and strength . I’m also a real fast bastard when it comes to hitting things and running, that is just genetics though as every member of my dads fammily ran in athletic competitions since an early age and some becam national runners, the strength is from my mums familly who were miners and farmers, some damn impressive strength therewe are talking slinging 224 lb bags to shoulder and loading into vans. They were in one hundred weight bags of grain which actually weighed 112lbs my great grand father could shoulder two and throw to the back of a van.Thats where i get my talents from .

Well, I can walk on water, but I don’t suppose that’s what you’re looking for. Right now I’m working on bi-location, so that I don’t have to miss workouts because of scheduling conflicts. I’ll let you know when I’ve got it down…

T-Rev [(:-)# >+

When I was bike racing, it was a very high power to weight ratio (good climbing genes). Now that I’ve gained 50 lbs and not riding nearly as much (read as “get on the bike occasionally for a 10 miler”), I pretty much suck wind on 2 wheels. I’d have to say now that it’s a totally even temperament, a stoic acceptance of what’s in front of me, no emotion when lifting or performing most forms of work. Total focus on getting the weight lifted, and totally ignorant of the effort involved. Is that a high pain threshold? Maybe so, I don’t call it that. There’s a couple quotes that I’ve kind of used as mantras: “Strain is effort burdened by emotion.” “How you do anything is how you do everything.” and Frank Herbert’s “Litany on Fear” from the book “Dune.”

I can jump rope and yo-yo like a motherf’er! Oh you said T-related activities. How about being able to detect bra size at a mere glance!

I have a mean threshhold for pain. It’s because I used to get beat up by my friends older brother who couldn’t wait to try a new move he saw on WWF. I also have ESP, eternally stiff penis. I am also 17, so this is understandable.

My power is the ability to turn emotion of and on like a light switch whenever it serves my purpose. It helps alot in the gym - I can jump right in my zone with no preparation, just flick the switch.

I have the “supernatural” ability to tell my guy friends where all of their wives’ and girlfriends’ birthmarks are.

Haha, that was great, Captain Adultery! - PJ

i have great stability from wrestling… brute strength also

Doesn’t have anything to do with T, but I’ve always been able to memorize foreign words with very little problem. I can say stuff like “Can you speak Hindi?” in Hindi, I know the word for “rain” in Swahili and so on just 'cause I heard them in passing and they stuck. Now that I’m getting older, my super power is declining a bit (I actually have to make an effort to retain new words), but still serves well enough.

I can date a girl that is absolutely wrong for me, identify it, become codependant thriving on my perceived ability to be able to change them, break up with them, swear them off and then repeat this cycle ad nauseum.

hehe… good one, Jay. But what would your super-hero name be? “The Amazing Captain Dysfunction”? :o)

You guys are fucking hysterical. I am laughing my ass off. I have Amazing will power and I do not feel pain. By that I mean I was sliced open and didn’t realize it until it was pointed out to me a couple hours later that I was leaving a trail of blood. Hee hee. I stitched myself that time as I didn’t want to go to the hospital. I think my superhero name would be “psycho”.

Don’t know if these are good or not.

Can drink a fifth of Jack Daniels with no real ill effect. (actually you should go to and do a search for bowling)

Super…I have the ability to procreate with anything female regardless of weight, height, age, intelligence, able to speak in complete sentences, odor, teeth and relationship status, Socio-economic status, body hair, etc. I know,…it’s a gift.

Whey-protein hydrolysate tastes like whey isolate to me. (I wish!)