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Im 22 years old and I know what everyone here will say and that is to go to a doctor which i will if pain continues. My god dam balls hurt and this aint the first time in my life that its happened. Probably twice before in my life and only lasts 2 or 3 days. I dont know if its got to do when i try and lift REALLY heavy. Im not sure if the other times when this has happened that i’ve been so extreme with working out. I’ll give it a couple more days and if its still painful i’ll do something about it.Was wondering whether this happens to you guys here on the forum occasionally aswell.

Yes, I too experience sore balls (usually the left side only). This happens sometimes after heavy squats. I asked Paul Chek about this and was informed it was a strain in the lower ab wall.

Epididymitis baby! Lay your nuts on a block of ice and sing britney spears songs, the only known cure to man.

Have you had yourself checked for any hernias? An inguinal(sp?) hernia might cause that kind of pain.

Couple possibilities: one, some chick is teasing you on a regular basis and giving you blue balls… it may be best to relieve yourself, uh, “manually” if that’s the case. Two, you’re sucking out all the T from your nuts when lifting and they’re bone dry (ouch!!).

Or the other possibility is that you have some kind of medical condition that deserves to be checked out. Have you ever given your boys a self-exam before? Check for lumps and all that? You should. But do yourself a favor and make an appointment to get it checked out. And if your worried about having some dude (unless your doc is a woman) checking out your sack, don’t worry about it. It’s uncomfortable the first time, but a good doctor should put you at ease… it’s all in a day’s work to them. Besides you’re gonna have to get use to it sooner or later. Wait 'til you’re forty and some dude crams a digit up your poop-shoot to check your colon.

It could also possibly be related to a minor back injury. There are nerves in your back that when screwed up can cause pain in your balls…I know because I dealt with this a couple of years ago. Everytime I did heavy squats or deadlift it would happen…at first I thought it was a hernia but got that checked and was fine. A chiro finally told me what was probably causing it and I found that I could manually massage my back and control the pain that way nearly 100%.

hey kelly, that could be the case. The first night i had it a had a weird pain in my lower back. I cant believe you picked it. Maybe that could be it. I think i may have done it though with bent over rows. Might have to stop doing them or do them on an incline bench or something. Thats all i can think of being what caused this. Other than that, i dont ever usually get lower back pain.

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Dont fuck around with that stuff Bro!!! Take it from me, I lost one of the “pals” to cancer. Lance Armstrong had pain in his sac for weeks until he went to the doc and look what happened. I know it could be an inguinal hernia too, but have it checked out!!! If ya got any questions feel free to drop me an email or go to my site for some links to a few sites about testicular probs.


Yeah Bent-over rows are notorious for back injuries…I do heavy good mornings, deadlifts, 0-lifts etc, but if I try even a lightweight bent row I get back pain. You might just neec a quick chiropractic adjustment or maybe even a nice back massage to cure the pain.

WOW, Kelly thanks! Two years ago I was doing straight leg dead lifts, and I rounded my back. Shit! I’m still having pains that start in my back and then it includes my right nut. I figured after two years my back would have healed. I think it must be that muscle on the front part of the spine that connects to your pelvis (psoas?). You mentioned massage. can you give a little more detail. After two yearsdo you think surgery is the only fix??

I had something like that once. It wasn’t really a sharp pain, nor a dull ache but something wasn’t right. Finally “sacked up” (hahaha, I had to) and went to the doctor. It turns out that it was something called Hypercele or something to that effect. I can’t read my doctors writing but it is a condition that can come and go. You get a fluid build up around a testicle and there’s some pain. He gave me some Naprosyn (anti-inflamatory) and told me to take those whenver I feel the pain…has worked for me. As others have said, don’t wait, rush you and your balls to the doc. Better safe than sorry.

I had the same thing a few years ago. I had other symptoms as well but I think mine was more severe as I had to totally stop lifting. After seeing many doctors I finally went to a group of sports doctors and found out I had what is referred to as Gilmor’s groin or Athletic hernia. It did not show on any x-rays but after being cut open and operated on, I was back to heavy lifting. Anyway, one of my biggests symtoms was testicle pain and pain that felt like it was behind the testicle. As others have said, see a doctor. But I had to see many before finally getting acurately diagnosed.

I had this problem about 6 years ago. Went to a doctor and it turned out to be a hernia. Dude, suck it up and go to the doc and have him check it out. It may be embarrising, but its better to catch it earlier than later in life. Oh, and lifting heavy weights is doing nothing to help the condition.