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Balls gone dry

I couldn’t possibly agree more. At least once a week the exact same thing TC described will happen while I’m at school. I’ll be in between class, see some exquisitely beautiful young coed, and helplessly lock into a trance until the vixen is well out of view. “Did you see that?” I might ask one of my low-t freinds? “Huh, no was it nice?” BTW this is usually the same guy who had bong rips for breakfast, got 4 hrs of drunken sleep the night before and is wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt (even when it’s 30 outside), and jeans hanging off his flat ass.

Thats quite a problem some of you guys have. Fortunately for me, I don’t have that problem because they are the ones looking at me!

My frinds are all estrogen driven as NONE of them notice a beautiful woman walking by!!

Too bad for them. Most good women can’t stand guys with more estrogen than them. Then again those guys don’t care if the chicks ignore them. Hmm. Leaves more hotties for the rest of us I suppose. Anything that increases a real guys chance at a threesome can’t be all bad.

It’s one of the few Atomic Dog articles that I can completely agree with.

My best buddies NEVER stare at the hotties while I look at them and then get mocked for a being a pervert, while random dudes I don’t know always nudge my shoulder and try to talk about the chick… But like hell I want to talk about banging a chick with some random stranger who’s probably high on carrots.

The article has some good points. Society has a way of trying to cut our balls off… Being ragged on for being a “pervert”, “looking at women is rude”, sexual harrasment claims (some of which are justified, some of which aren’t), etc.

That said, I don’t agree with all of it. There is a difference between noticing a hot chick and being a fool about it. It is possible to notice without drooling like a dog, having a car accident, or “running into a light pole.” Frankly, TC seems to be suggesting that to be a man you have to be a complete jackass. I realize he was probably exaggerating to some degree, but this part of the article still seemed off to me. I notice hot chicks, may even get a hard on from it, but I don’t otherwise make a fool of myself.

Second, I think the tie in between diet and T-levels is a bit off… I know diet can make some diff, but not as huge a one as TC suggests. For one thing, eating high protein diets is a fairly new thing, and something that tends to be not at all present in a lot of other cultures, so I don’t think you can blame lack of T on that. Granted, if you eat pasta all the time and no protein, you won’t get much in the way of muscles, which to me and many of us on here are one of true signs of masculinity… however, it doesn’t follow that protein consumption (or lack of it) drasitically effects T levels. Plus, some of my buddies dont eat so well, don’t lift, and are still plenty into hot chicks…

Also, suggesting its not manly or you have low T because you miss a hot chick at some point is off too… Sometimes people are in la la land, or half asleep, thinking about a final exam, whatever. That said, I don’t know too many guys who don’t notice hot ones most of the time - guess I’m lucky to be surrounded by some pretty high-T types :stuck_out_tongue:

WTF I posted this like the day after the article went up. Why am I seeing it now?

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Where’d morg go? He hasn’t posted in a few days.

I miss his pictures. sniff

Of course you can notice the hotties and not be a cave man about it. If I see a woman and I think she’s nice looking she’s going to know it but not feel cheapened. I look but stop well short of staring. I meet her gaze and smile and that’s the end of it.

What I think is odd is that I’m no he-man stud looking guy but I’ve caught women damned near drooling a couple of times. Once I was filling my water bottle up at the gym and I guess I turned faster than she thought. I caught her with her mouth part way open and staring. Her face sure turned red in a hurry when I caught her too. That makes a 44 year old guy feel pretty good since she was about 24 and pretty fine in her own right.

I’m happy with the way things are going for me and if other guys are happy with their asexual type lives that’s cool with me.