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Balls Gone Dry

reading this article brought back memories.

in highschool, i would wack off about 5 times a day, and everyone thought that was sick and i was “addicted” and perverted. all guys i’d talk to said that even once a day wasn’t normal! wtf? what was wrong with these guys??

i still do it like 8 times a day. how about the rest of you guys?

8 times a day. You got to be kidding.

I would suggest reducing your exposure to pornography.

Get a job.

wow. it’s worse than i thought. tell me guys, how does it feel to have dry balls?

Morg, you spend too much time collecting captioned pictures and whacking off. Please go out and meet more women.

Morg, aren’t you the one who is always asking how to get laid? Try jerking off less.

morg, your balls are full cause you’ve never been laid.

Holy fuck, go get some ASS!

what convinced you that this was a topic for discussion?

i second scrub, rather than talking about how u haven’t done this or that, maybe you should stop telling us and actually go out and do the shit,

you might jus be surprised

hey, i talked to that chick at whole foods. i was all like “hey, do you have any more acetyl l carnitine?” and she was like “I don’t know, let me look.” “Hmm, no, this is all we have.”

she wanted me.


I make no judgements. Your posts are always informative or entertaining. However, you may at least consider the fact that you could have a problem. Go to: www.sexhelp.com/internet_screening_test.cfm

i think you should hump a fat chick!

if it’s wrong to be a horny guy, then, well…aww, forget it. who cares. you guys are jerks

No wonder, that your right wrist is overdeveloped.

you guys are just jealous that i have the record! just like when someone posts a pic and they look good, people start hating.

This sounds fine to me.

You need some pussy. Badly. Come to Texas, we’ll get ya laid.

If you spent less time on the internet and more time developing social skills, you wouldn’t be in this situation.