Balls at the Top of a Deadlift

Does anyone else suffer from a “crushing” problem here? I cant see how there would be any real solution but wanted to see if I am alone in this !!?

Short arms or short legs? Most people don’t have to pull the bar ll the way to their groin to lock-out.

Only with a snatch grip. Bring your grip in closer if it’s wide, otherwise wear a jock strap.

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Wear compression shorts/pants underneath your gym shorts. Aside from protecting your nads, they also keep your legs warm between lifts. Just for the love of god keep gym shorts/pants on top of your compression stuff, no one wants to see your bulge while they lift.

With sumo I basically lock out at my knee so most times it ll just graze the ol tip.


I think short legs is the issue…

Closer grip - will try

compression shorts/ jock - maybe worth a go, oh and I am able to lift in the comfort of my own property so no one can get offended by my foul appearance, noises or habits thankfully.

The cycling/compression shorts “look” is a major bug bear of mine, you know the old skinny guy that goes for a run with all on show…WTF!

Careful you don’t get red lights for hitching


You just reminded me why I don’t do snatch grip after the first time I tried.

Compression shorts are a life saver. Especially if you have massive old man baws like me :joy: