Balls Ache 5 Days Into 1st SARM Cycle

hi everyone im 5 days in on my 1st cycle of rad140 10mg ed and enclomiphene citrate 12.5 mg eod and starting to get balls ache any advice please

Yeah stop taking enclomaphine. Why are you taking it?

thankyou for our reply ive only taken the enclomiphene citrate twice as rad140 ive read is quite bad on supression i read to take enclomiphene citrate eod to combat that like i said only taken it twice is that the cause of balls ache,thanx again for your reply im a newbie to all this so any advice greatly appreciated regards phil

frist time I’ve seen this combo, I guess on paper maybe it sounds like a good idea, but I thought part of the action of SARMs was lowering SHBG, freeing up test. but the Enclo would counter that, raising SHBG, but maybe also keeping the balls running. interesting.

anyway, you’re shutting down from the RAD and attempting to keep production from the Enclo so some ball ache makes sense. it should pass

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easy advce - run test - not no gayyyyy asss sarms and clom

thankyou so much with your advice i was beginning to worry its calmed down today,should i continue what im doing its just dosing on rad140 today then rad140 and enclo tomorrow. am i shutting down from rad140 as i feel absolutely fine except of having that balls ache.
again thankyou so much for your reply as there so much conflicting info out there.regards phil

i would if i could find a supplier who excepts credit card payment,bloody bitcoin so confusing

Is this real Enclomiphine? Has that trickled the the “gray” market already? It’s fairly new, and I’ve considered picking some up

i would learn it now bud, its not difficult after you do a little research on it and you don’t want your credit card info out there associated with steroids.

Enclomiphene is harder to source but it’s made by a dozen generic manufacturers worldwide. It’s out there but certainly not as common as Clomid.

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thanx for the advice

You’re supplier doesn’t accept credit card payment for the simple fact that they don’t want to be charged the cost of VAT for the illegal PED’s, heroin, crack, cocaine, benzos and various other opiates they are most likely selling. Plus the whole 5-10 years prison sentence thing is a no-go for most of them as well.