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Does anyone know how those ballerina guys get such high vertical jumps? Wasn’t it Borishnikov who had a 40-something vert?

Often vertical above 42. Focus upon neuro-firing patterns and control of the abdominal wall. Interesting lesson - what would be the capability if a powerful athlete learned to harness his potential In faith, Coach Davies

Probably having an extremely low bodyweight relative to strength has a lot to do with it. Their strength probably comes from doing lots of unilateral balancing type movements.

they jump alot, sory so simple but its true, just as most things about training are, SIMPLE

he was an amazing athlete!!!

he had some serious fast twitch in his legs…

and yes he did jump alot…


my cussine is a ballet dancer and he can jump like nobody’s business. They do alot of postural control work, jumping technique, abduminal and pelvic control movements, and yes lot of fucking jumping and stretch shortening type training. A bit of weights too.
Hope this offers some explenation.

There are so many reasons! Other than the fact that they jump allot ( really?) they have ridiculous flexibility which gives them a greater range of motion and therefore a deeper take off postition. Their core muscles are very strong and stable. They also learn to get power from each articulation -the hips, knees, ankles and this is the big secret: to the tip of their toes. It’s amazing how much power you can get from your feet and that is something that is lost on most athletes.

vx, yea they do other stuff and yea they learn to use ALL their body but they do learn to use the other muscles by JUMPING ALOT, I was not being smart I was just giveing the simple correct answer. if you want to jump higher you have to practice, you learn athletic movements by doing athletic movements, also I don’t know how much flexability has to do w/it because I have never seen anyone test their vertical by going into a full squat, I think their flexability is used in the other aspects of their “sport”. also your upper body has more to do w/your verticle than your toes (not your calves, they are involved alot)

I cant tell you how much I liked hearing you say that. Damn, people have forgot that simple thing. Coaches come to me daily and ask “we need to get a lot faster” and are usually stunned when I ask - how much do you run. Thanks for saying it. In faith, Coach Davies

I was agreeing with you. Jumping might be the simple and correct answer but I thought I would try to elaborate as I was a professional dancer myself. Practice does make perfect! But ask a sprinter how he runs so fast. By running? Yes but there is so much more. Flexibility has alot to do with it. Test it out yourself. Jump as high as you can. Then stretch out your calves and hams, quads and hip flexors and try again. You will gain some height. And as far upper body- in dance your upper body does not move when you jump other than go along for the ride. It’s all about isolation. An exercise we did do frequently to improve our jumps was to jump using our feet only - meaning you jump with straight legs. Great for your calves! It worked for Barishnikov . I hope my input was useful.

I just noticed Coach also replied. I did not see his reply before I sent mine in. I would not want to sound as though I have disregarded his comment. Can you move me up ahead of his???
thank you


vx, I don’t realy know about that. studdies have shown, in regard to wt. training atleast, that streching can DECREASE strength(if done BEFORE wt. training). also if you have been involved in dance of some kind BRAVO to you (one thing I wish I was better at) so your knowlege is greater than mine on this but aren’t the arms used sometimes? like when they run across stage and and do that leeping jump thing (please understand I am not makeing light of their skill I just have NO idea what you call the moves) maybe you have been trained to jump useing just your lower body but my point is that most people have NO idea how much your arms and delts are used to jump, just jump w/your arms at your side then jump swinging your arms up w/your body, BIG DIFF.peace

coach D, I may not always be great at getting my point across and I may not spell that great but I think I am pretty good at something alot of people are not, comon sence! I think that is what most things come down to, but very few people use it (our schools don’t teach it but I won’t go off about that) thanks and peace

I agree with you again. My shoulders were sore as hell from doing back tucks as well as my traps.

no, you have zero common sense. Tell us all about your amazing success story with HIT training one more time, and that alone will be all everyone needs to pin you as a complete bullshit artist.