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Ball to wall training and Mag-10

Hi guys - this will probably a longish message so please bear with me, as I’d appreciate the advice! I’m about to start the recommended training for use with mag-10, the growth surge thing. My plan is to use Mag-10 on it’s own for 2 weeks and then use Tribex-500 and M for the next 2. I’ve got some creatine too and am beginning my loading as I want to start in Jan. I can also afford Advanced Protein OR Surge to take during the entire 4 weeks and I was wondering what you guys would recommend? My diet plan is to eat 1000 cals over normal splitting 50% Carb, 40% Protein and 10% Fat. I was looking at the workout and unfortunately my gym is in the process of getting rebuilt so a lot of machines have been thrown out - thankfully the tiny free weights room is still usable! This does mean, however that I can’t do some of the exercises. Could people give me an alternative?

Here’s what I can’t do due to lack of equipment:
-T-Bar Row (Bent-over rows instead?)
-Chin Up (Have no lat pull down machine either…so have no idea how to replace it)
-Seated Rows
-Hanging Leg Raises (do straight leg raises on the incline sit up board instead?)
-Good Mornings (what’s the proper technique? I keep hurting my back when I try them - should the lower back be rounded or straight? Keep reading conflicting advice)
-Triceps Pushdowns (one armed skulls instead?)
-Rope Pressdowns (What should I do instead?)
-Dips (Bench dips instead? Are they as effective if I put weights on my knees?)

If anyone has read this far without getting bored then thanks! I could really do with the advice. I’ve managed to get all of January off before I start Police training so I really want to get the most out of having four weeks solid gym work, please help T-men…

I think all the alternative exercises you listed will be fine except I’d find a way to perform chins. Plus scrape up some extra money or break out the visa and use advanced protein and surge.
as far as goodmornings go your back should be rounded. Try lowering the weight and build up slowly to avoid injuring your back