Ball Size / Stop Cycle


I`m 8,5 weeks out on the Test E, 500 mg. a week, in week 7 I startet Primo also, so doing 300 mg. of that too…

Since last week my ball size has reduces much, so I dont think my HCG is working, have injectet it EOD (250 ui)since week 6, before week 6 twice a week was the dose.

Planed to run 12 weeks when I stackt the Primo on, but know I thinking of it may be best to stop after the 9 weeks, so recovery to normal test production is more easy, or dosent it matter that much, so I shut go for the 12 weeks?
Is there ekstra punishment for that?

When the HCG dosen`t work, I guess I have to do a more old scholl aproach with some new HCG, like 1000ui a week in the last 3 weeks of the cycle right?

Please help someone with the knowledge :slight_smile:

Did your hCG come unconstituted (still a powder) in an ampule, or already in liquid form? Are you keeping it in the fridge?

That’s weird. Your HCG might be inert for some reason…

Do NOT do the old school method of injecting a #()*ton right after the steroids clear your system. That’s just further HPTA suppression, just not the T of the A.

I’m assuming you have a PCT plan that includes either SERM or test taper, or both? I’d just continue your cycle as planned, and even keep up with the HCG injections. If you make a new batch of HCG up keep it in the fridge.

I’ve used 60 day old reconstituted HCG that was kept in the fridge and it seemed to be working fine.

Summary: don’t freak out. Toss the HCG you have been using. Make up a new batch and keep it cold.

As always, remember that free advice is worth what you pay for it.

Good luck.


I have the HCG in the fridge…
4 days ago, and again 2 days ago i tryit to shoot double dose of this non working HCG, and my balls are bigger now, so thinking it my be under dose`t or something like that.

But before that I made the desistion to treet it like I never did HCG on the cycle, and then shoot 1000 ui a week, the last 3 weeks of the cycle. And now I think if I do that I my shoot so much HCG it`s bad? (to much stimulation)

So is it better to shoot double dose of the old HCG every 4 day for the rest of the cycle?

Do a new blend and do the 3 times 1000 ui?

Do a new blend and do 250 ui 2-4 times a week?

PCT is planned with Nolva. Is this enough now, or shut I stack it with TRS?

I have a friend that did 12 weeks on test, that did only nolva after the cycle, he said that he was fine… I`m just afraid of ending with a low natural production!


It came in powder form…

If I was in your situation, I’d inject the HCG more frequently, rather than a larger dose. My understanding is that large doses may (theoretically) lead to Leydig cell desensitization (bad). If your original protocol was 250iu EOD, try 150 ed, and if that doesn’t get you where you’re going, try 200ed.

Also, I’ve always shot HCG sub-q into belly fat, with no issues.

Last thought: is it possible you made a math mistake when reconstituting the HCG, and under dosed?

I`m thinking of doing 500 ui every 3 day… but maybe yours is better…

I do sub q injection too… but did IM on the 2 x 500 ui shots that I did…

I mixed it the way I use to do, and on the last cycle it was fine, but another brand…

But thinking of how do I know that I shoot enough, is it just that my balls stay in this size or grow, and then its fine, and if they get smaller its not enough or what?

Because I agree with you on shotting more than I need it getting worse…