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Ball scratching and hang nails...

This is a very bad combination. I suggest that anytime you go down for a nice scratch, you INSPECT your fingernails to make sure you don’t have any tough hangnails ready to rip into your testicles which would ooze out pure testosterone which would cause you to lick up the “T-juices” in hopes that your T-levels won’t drop too much and that somehow the “T-juices” will get through your stomach and liver back to where they belong. They should make a movie outta something like that and call it something like “Homeward Bound: Without the Two Dogs and the Cat.”

“Hmmmmmmmmm no hang nails.” Scratch…scractch. “Ahhhhhh sweet relief from my itchy balls.” :wink:

I just had to make sure this thread was serious.

God save us all.

I hate when just before you fall asleep your scracting away. Ahh it feels soooo good! You look over at the clock and it’s 11:00pm then you continue scratch scratch, scratch away! You look over at the clock again and it’s suddenly 1:45am. Where has the time gone???
How are you gonna get enough rest to squat the next morning?

Like my dad always says time flys when your scratching your sack.