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Ball Problem


Here is my dillema, and no it has nothing to do with a swiss ball, basketball, baseball or football.

It has to do with MY ball...

Left testicle to be exact.

Sunday evening the GF and I went for a walk, came back home, had some dinner and went to bed. Yesterday morning I woke up and felt like I had been hit directly in the left ball. For you guys out there you know what I'm talking about, the dull achy pain. I figured I'd wait it out, see how it felt, take it easy, etc. Well last night it still really didn't feel any better. Figured I'd sleep it off and see how it felt this AM.

Well, it's still not any better, still aches bad enough to where I can walk and stand ok, but am apprehensive about training hard or lifting anything heavy.


Here are some things that might help rule some things out.

Pain is a 3-4 on a 1-10 painscale.

I haven't had strenuous sex in the last week.

Yes I have lifted heavy, especially on thursday and friday of last week.

No significant trauma to that area.

Haven't sat on my sack, rolled over on it or done any un-neccesary pulling on it (that I can remember).

Self testicular exam reveals no unusual lumps or bumps, but upon palpation the achy symptoms were definitely exasserbated.

Self hernia test proved negative, but that's subject to scrutiny since I did it myself.

No blood in my urine.

No painful urination.

No nausea or loss of appetite.

Anti-inflamitories didn't seem to help (ibuprofen 600mg TID yesterday and today)

I'm thinking of a couple different maladies in my differential diagnosis.

  1. Epiditimitis
  2. Hernia
  3. Being a pussy and paying too much attention to a little "owie" just because it's my satchel.

Anyone had anything similar? Any tips or tricks? Don't really want to run to the Dr. with this just yet, but the longevity of these symptoms do have me a little concerned.

Thanks in advance.




I'm a charge nurse in a busy ER and we see this all the time, and it's a medical emergency!!! Go to the ER or call your primary doctor immediately!! It could be a variety of things, including Epididymitis, testicular tortion (which occurrs spontaneously), hernia, STD, etc...




How do you know what did or did not happen in your sleep? This has happened to me. If you sleep in boxers or naked it's entirely possible that your boys got tangled up.

The first time this happened, I went to my doctor. She identified the problem as epidydymitis and suggested I elevate my scrotum.

I laughed at her.

If it continues, try sleeping in your jock strap to keep the boys from getting tangled up. Or see your doctor.


Bruised testicle, possibly? (like many cyclists and mtn bikers get- also could be from bouncing it off of your gf's backside/chin)
epididimitis, but the pain would be more than a 3 or 4
OR an undiagnosed STD that will cause your naughty parts to rot off and you will sprout a vagina...just kidding with that one (I hope)..

I don't know (nor do I want to see) if there is any discolorization (bruising), but there was the one time that I bruised a marble and it hurt like hell.

Good luck, bro. You can never be too careful with the steak and potatoes, so it may be worth the co-pay to go get it checked out.


Ah! That's scary. Yes, go get it checked immediately!


I agree, only without all of the exclamation marks.


Agree with ChinaDoll. My boy had the testicular tortion thing happen spontaneously when he was 7. Freaked both of us out. His also was swollen, you didn't mention yours were.....yet. I don't recall exactly what they did to fix it, but it was relatively quick and easy however they did say that if left untreated it can cause testicular death. Get it checked!


I had epididimitis (sp?) once. I went to the doctor and she rx'd a course of cipro and it went away in a few days.. scary though.. I thought it could have been a torsed teste.. definitely an emergency.. I even thought I may have had the mumps, as orchitis (swollen nut) is a symptom..

DEFINITELY go to the doctor.. I know it sucks having a doc check your sac but it would be totally loco not to..

Good Luck



Going to the Doc in about a half hour to see what's up with my ball. I can't imagine that it's torsed because it would hurt much more than it does. It can't be an STD because I don't have any urinary sx and my hx is negative. (same partner with condoms every time for the last year and some change)...

So, I'm betting on epiditimitis but we'll see, maybe I missed something on my self exam.

Thanks all for your help, I'll getcha an update in the AM tomorrow.



If you wait too long with nut problems you could have to be neutered which is every man's worst nightmare. Always air on the side of caution like you did.


Epiditimitis Y'all...

On antibiotics and a nut hugger slingshot deal for a week. Already feels better today. Thanks for the insight.



What in the heck is epiditimitis? I've never heard of this.


I just read this thread and applaud everyone involved. This is a great example of using a forum to get advice.

And Gainer, I'm glad to see you took the good advice and are on the mend. I think every guy that reads about your ball pain will wince a little in empathy.


infected epiditimis (tough to say).

I was also going to say it could be a varicose vein on the nut. I've had that and the symptoms were the same as yours. Had to get my ball sonogrammed (interesting and humbling experience). The prescription: wear more supportive underwear. Haven't worn boxers since, only boxer briefs now.



Just a gooood hand-job and u'r problem is solved... Get laid DUDE...


Epididymitis is an inflamation usually caused by an infection of the epididymis which is the storage/maturation area for sperm. The epididymis is positioned a long the posterior aspect of the testicle and runs verticle with the testicle.

For those that lift weights, or lift heavey at work, there is a condition where there is retrograde flow of urine up the spermatic tube, due to straining with increase intra-abdominal pressure, which causes irritation and swelling of the epididymis.

My advice is, any pain in the testicle needs to be checked out by a doctor.


I've heard several stories of guys losing nuts to torsion and I've always been slightly paranoid about that as a result. Of course, it may just be that I'm always looking for excuses to display my nuts far and wide.


Is the pain in your testicle or is it located in that spot that feels like a sack of worms behind the testicle. It could possibly be your epididymitis--I had the same issue going through marine corp bootcamp. The drill instructors laughed their asses off because they thought I got kicked in the crotch during line training and thus thought it was my own faul for not blocking a kick. However, this thing happens almost sporadically in some people for no apparent reason other than infection--i.e. it didn't happen becuase you directly casued it physical detriment.

Get it checked out--immediately.


This guy....he's so on top of things.


The important thing is he tried.