Ball Presses for Westside

What size ball should you use, and where exactly do you put the ball, underneath your shoulders, your lower back, etc. Seems like the lower you move the ball the more it becomes like a decline. It seems like if you put it underneath your shoulders you cant get a full range of motion, but thats just my thoughts never having tried them before.
I am doing them as part of Dave Tates Westside beginner program. Week 7.

it dosent matter any exerscice ball will work…your making it way to complicated…its just 3 sets of 20 reps of dumbell bench you want to get all 20 on the first set and get around 15-19 on the next two sets…if you dont want to use a ball use a bench it really dosent matter…big martin

I’ve decided to substitute these for pin presses as I when doing a 1RM I have problems coming off the chest.

A number of others doing Westside have done the same and their lifts have improved…

Big Martin - how’s the diet going…?


Its going great… to tell you the truth i am amazed at how well it is working…i have had a bad sinus infection this weak and missed my dynamic bench workout and max effort squat and havent exersciced at all and each day i get leaner just following the diet…my training has sucked the last 3 weeks because i have been sick twice in that period if i could have trained like i wanted too i think i would be even better…based on the scale right now i am down 14 pounds in 2 weeks a lot of water but it is still good…ill get back to training tommrow…thanks for the thoughs big martin

Sounds like awesome progress man. Are you tracking what you are doing somehow. I would love to read a CT like transformation article at the end.

Hey where can I fid the Westside beginner program?

in dave tates 8 keys article or on 9 week beginner program


usually a 65 cm ball will work unless you are say 6’3-4" or taller. make sure it’s burst proof. as far as what martin was saying, you can substitute the bench, but i feel it defeats the purpose of what the ball is supposed to do and that is train joint stability. when you press on a ball you aren’t on a static surface, so shoulders, elbows, and wrists should benefit due to different proprioception. i’m sure you can vary positions on the ball and be just fine, kinda like changing bars on squat or grip positions on bench…