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Bale to Real Madrid, What Next?


Straight Out of Facebook:

"Now that Bale to Madrid is a done deal(finally,un-officially):

What happens next? Ronaldo leaves? If so, where? Does he stay? They are basically playing the exact same position.

Oh and yeah, the Spurs made â?¬99 million on selling him. He cost.... â?¬99 million..... Bit low if you ask me..."

I posted that on my FB a few days ago which resulted in some good discussion. How does Birdman*tweet* feel about this one?

On a tangent though, I'm also curious to see how my fellow body-sculptors perceive this historic event vs. my facebook population.


90 odd million for a player is fucking stupid in all honesty.

Modern football is fucked in general. Tired of watching the same teams dominate the Champions League.


You realize the last year or two have seen an increase in disparity when it comes to Champions League football right? These next coming years are interesting given all the projects started around the world.


In the last ten years, every CL final has been contested by teams from one of the 'big 4' leagues.

Spain have won the last 3 major international tournaments

Yet you talk about 'disparity'?


None by Real Madrid who have spent the last decade in a "Galactico era" marked by a constant succession of big money signings.


So what's your point?

I don't think any of the last ten winners won it on a shoestring budget.

And what about these 'projects'?

Like allowing Quatar to host a World Cup? In November??? What a fuck up that one was.

Financial Fair Play? Man City made a mockery of that one with their Etihad Airways deal.

Lots of fans throughout the world are becoming disillusioned with modern football thanks to exorbitant wages, egos that would struggle to fit in an aircraft hangar and the brutal rape of its working class roots.


Point is money isn't everything. If it were then Real, Man City and Chelsea would have won the last ten between them.


I think there is room for Ronaldo and Bale in the same starting 11. I still rate Ronaldo over Bale.

On the topic of money in football: the money been spent is outrageous and I think the new generation of fans are missing out on the experience of following there "local" playing with players that were born in that city etc etc. Saying that I have immensely enjoyed the start of the english premier league and I try and not to think too much about the money and politics. I watch football for fun.



Bale is not worth that much. No player is. Real paid a lot for CR7 and all it has gotten them is one league title so far. Of course Barca and Real receive special considerations from their creditors and the govt so they don't have to worry about debt or being profitable.

The thing with Bale is that he has not proven himself yet. He played for Spurs and didn't win anything whereas CR7 played for Manure and actually won trophies before going to RM. Bale may turn out to be the goods but he is still overpriced.


Tell that to Bayern, Inter, AC Milan, ManU, Barca, Liverpool and...Chelsea. The only exception would be Porto but they had the Special One.


That kind of money for any player is obviously ridiculous. But Bale is the same age that ronaldo was when they bought him from united and yet theyve paid nearly an extra £20m. Bale is by no means a better player than ronaldo, especially considering how one footed he is compared to ronaldo.

Im not too sure they can play both to their full potential in the same side, both of them thrive from being given essentially a free role to do as they please and having bale, ronaldo along with ozil/kaka/di maria i think will leave madrid without any kind of structured attack. I do also think each game will become more of a dick-measuring contest between bale and ronaldo than about team play (although i see that being caused primarily by ronaldo as bale seems much less ego-tistical).

Unless things go really well (i.e. madrid winning the league, scoring huge amounts of goals) I can see ronaldo throwing his toys out of the pram at some point. As a United fan, id happily welcome him back. Especially if it meant welbeck stopped starting every game on the left wing lol.

Its going to be interesting no matter what happens


Well your point is moot because the last ten winners have spent MILLIONS upon MILLIONS building their teams.

Money is EVERYTHING in football nowadays


No, I don't think money is everything. I think consistency and cohesion is everything.

Sure, some of the 'plastic' clubs are thriving relatively compared to their previous obscurity, however, the winners are always the ones who have maintained their squad integrity.

Prior to their most recent Champions League finals victory, Bayer Munich has had the same team for the past 3-4 years. They've consistently been in semi's of the CL as well.

Barcelona, spends money because they can, but the fact is that their core has remained intact for many years now and it has proven them success.

In the Premier league, who wins the title last year? A team, that most of us would agree is NOT at their peak right, but because of their consistency in the squad(obviously the addition of Van Persie is a huge difference maker), they win the title.

As far as disparity goes, yeah I think the fact that clubs like PSG and Dortmund are showing their faces is a great sign, as well as Munich who have been knocking on the door for several years. If you look at the semi-finals of the past three Champions League matches, you'll be surprised of the names you see there. It's tough to judge past that because the underdog seems to lose in the Semi's, to the consistency of some of these more experienced/better teams .

I don't know about you,but I absolutely love the fact that neither Barca nor Real won the Champions League this year, nor last. I call that disparity when two Bundesliga team are playing for the highest honor the sport has to offer on a club level.


Sorry mate but you're making it out as if Bayern are some plucky underdogs.

They've been in 10 CL finals and won 5. If that's your idea of disparity then good luck to you.


Can someone compare the buying and selling of players in football to that of the closest american sport.

Did spurs have to sell bale? what input did bale have? Do these players have guaranteed contracts?

From my understanding, a club has a youth team to develop talent internally, but if a players turns out to be great they get sold similar to a baseball team that can not afford the player they groomed in their farm system.


The youth systems at clubs vary hugely in terms of the investment the club puts into them. Generally smaller clubs try and produce more home grown players as they cannot compete with bigger clubs and pay the hugely inflated transfer fees which are now commanded. Further, if you can produce a decent enough player, then you can sell him on to a bigger club for a fair amount on money.
At the bigger clubs, the philosophy and culture of that club largely dictates how much time and money they put into developing players. Some clubs, especially the 'nouveau rich' ones tend to prefer buying in the finished product rather than developing players internally.

There is no draft in football. Players are normally picked up by clubs in their early teens and inducted into their academies. 99% of academy players never make it.

Players are bought and sold during the two transfer windows, one being for two months during the off season, and also one during the middle of the season in January. Players sign contracts with the clubs, and so clubs cannot be compelled to sell players unless there is a specific clause in the contract, which would then make it a legal matter.

Regarding the Bale issue. It seems that Bale would like to go to Real, but Spurs are holding out for the best possible deal. Real can continue to table bids, and Bale could formally request a transfer, but Spurs do not have to listen to bids and they can turn down any hypothetical transfer request that Bale puts in. Essentially the ball is in Spurs court in this situation.


No I'm not. Are you seriously unable to comprehend what I wrote or are you just pretending to be stupid?