Baldness= More T?

Ok me and my father sparked this dumb little argument after i asked to get a blood test to check my testosterone levels. He then mentioned that our family has a history of very high T. I then asked, well how on earth do you know that if you’ve never had it tested? He answers…It is because of our bald genetics. He claims that people who are geneticly dispositioned to have less hair and go bald have higher testosterone, which is the cause. I found this information pretty sketchy and doubted his claim. Is their any truth to this? I make a snyde remark that " i guess that means Rogain was made to decrease T?" ," Exactly!" he exclaimed. So has anybody ever heard this before? Is their merit to his claim?

baldness is usually associated with high androgen levels, im not sure about test though…

The main androgen implicated in male pattern baldness is DHT, a testosterone metabolite. And while the hormone is an important factor in baldness, it can?t cause baldness in someone who isn?t genetically predisposed to the condition. Moreover, normal DHT values can lead to baldness in a genetically vulnerable person, so it?s not necessarily true that your family has high testosterone levels. I should add that there is likely a genetic role in expressing the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT, that is, 5 alpha reductase (some people may have more enzyme, others less). And all the talk about DHT aside, all androgens can worsen baldness in a predisposed person including, of course, testosterone. And Rogaine doesn?t affect testosterone levels, but Propecia, another anti-balding drug, does affect the hormone profile, as it?s a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor; therefore, it lowers DHT levels.

Actually it is DHT levels that are linked to hair loss (which correspond to T). Do a search on the forum.

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One of the causes of Male Pattern Baldness is DHT. DHT is converted from Testosterone by 5a reductase. Most contend, though, that it’s more a case of sensitivity to DHT or too much 5a reductase that does it, rather than high testosterone.

MPB can also be contributed to by a high estrogen:testosterone ratio and by a lack of FSH (usually associated with low testosterone) among a myriad of other things.

So now the real question…How do T-Men with high T levels and bad luck in the genetics department (in terms of DHT and enzymatic conversion) stop balding?
I’m hoping my hair stays where it is supposed to…

The only way that baldness or balding would be a sign of higher T-levels is if you have other signs of high T-levels. Low voice, excessive and specifically placed body hair, sex drive and preformance, musculature, recovery speed- these and other factors would signify higher T-levels and the predisposition to go bald. I would suggest, for a T-man who had higher T-levels and was balding, to use some sort of shampoo that breaks down and washes DHT out of the hair folicle. DO NOT take anything that alters your god-given hormonal profile. High test can be a real benefit…

it is not the level of dht (androgen) so much as how your body reacts to it that causes mpb

Do what I did, and shave your head! Forget the hairloss drugs, they offer little help unless you are in the very beginning stages of losing some hair.