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Baldness and TRT



I am 38 and I have been doing TRT for around 4 months now.
Noticed a lump of head hair came out today when brushing.
I have very thick hair and on my blood work had high FSH before starting TRT.
Now FSH is at zero do you think it’s hair thinning/balding as a result of the TRT?

Thanks in advance.


LH and FSH will go to zero on TRT, and as far as I know, don’t have anything to do with hair loss.

Increased DHT is what causes hair loss. Some guys are more sensitive to it than others.

Don’t take finasteride.


Thankyou buddy,
That puts me at ease a little.
I got no intention of compounding anything just yet but thanks for the heads up.
Will check the comb tomorrow :sweat_smile:


I also noticed my hair fell out even more when I lowered my e2 too much.

I’m just slowly balding/thinning now. Probably have another year or so before I start buzzing it.


Some guys use rogaine and it does help them.

Just don’t fuck with Fin.


TRT creates high normal T levels and that increases DHT that drive baldness. This only happens in men who are genetically programmed for that. TRT seems to accelerate what what going to happen anyways. When T levels have been low, that has been masking the problem to some extent.


Haha the buzzing is def the route I am going if things progress.
Thing is I have long hair and don’t want to end up looking like David caradine lol
Funny though my E2 is high to what it normally is.
I started at 14.7nmol now at 56.6nmol so still low but a lot better.