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Baldness and Gear?

Just wondering how many people lost hair when on gear?

orals like dbol and superdrol cause more shedding for me. I am on 500mg/week test e right now and have zero shedding.

I have had some issues with it, but finasteride is an easily attainable fix. Worth the price for your hairline.

After a 12-weeker using Test/EQ and only Clomid as PCT.

I know a lot of women that love chrome domes. Specially the cut hard body builder types with tattoos. No worries man. Loose the hair and gain appeal.

My understanding is it’s just like gyno and acne. With judicious use, if you’re prone to male pattern baldness it will likely speed the process, if you are destined to have hair til you die you’re probably fine.

This is one of my top two worries about starting a cycle…gyno being the other, of course…