Balancing Weight Training and Conditioning

Hi thanks for taking a look.

Looking to improve my fitness.

My routine is currently
Chest bis
Ring Dips 3xf
Ring push ups 3xf
Hammer strength iso bench 3x8
Flies 2xf
Ez bar 4x12
Hammer curls 4x12
Preacher curl 2xf

Squat 3x3
Hack squat 3x8
Leg press 2xf
Sl DL 3x8
Good morning 3x8
Leg curls 2xf

Shoulders and tris
BB press 3x3
Lateral raises 3x10
Cable lateral raise 3x10
Rear delt raise 7x12
Shrugs 3x8
Dips 3x8
Chain floor press 3x8
Over head tricep extension 2xf

Back calves
Deadlifts 3x3
Ring chins 50 reps
T bar rows 3x8
Hammer strength iso row 3x8
Low row 2xf
Standing calf raise 3x12
Seated 2xf

I’ve got pretty much every conditioning tool you could think off.

Was thinking something along the lines of
Chest bis
1.5 mile jog always aiming for a time pr aim of 10 mins

Battle ropes 10 mins intervals

Wednesday day off

Thursday shoulders and tris
Sled drag/push 10min intervals

1.5 mile run again going for a pr

I’m actually joining navy and never done any type of cardio/conditioning so hoping it should improve relatively quickly. Only thing I need to work on for fitness test is the running. Thinking the jogging on Monday and Friday and sled sprints on Thursday should be enough to improve my run time. I’m in a calorie surplus so should hopefully help with recovery.

Look alright?

How far away is the navy?

Done the psychometric test,
Now just waiting for next stage.
Probs got plenty of time yet.

If you’re trying to just be in better shape, I wouldn’t do a body part split. I’d only lift 3 or 4 days a week. Do conditioning on the off days and light shit at the end of your sessions. Put battle ropes at the end of upper body days, sled or prowler at the end of lower sessions. Program in 2-3 long runs and 1-2 short hard ones.

Before I read that I was actually looking at West side for skinny b’s

Something like
Max effort upper


Upper volume


Lower max effort

Don’t know how to set up the conditioning workouts though

It looks to me like you are trying to bodybuild while also trying to get fit for the navy. That would be fine except:

I would stop hoping and start focusing on that and make it #1 priority. The navy won’t care how much you bench or how your medial delts pop, but they will care if you can’t run the distance or get winded carrying your comrades.

I’m no pro though, but I am also training to get into the defence force and had to give myself a bit of a reality check.

I’ll drop @idaho name here as hes combat and training experience.

The routine I’m doing is a bit of a strength/mass routine i can live without the bodybuilding aspect but I wouldn’t want to give up weights completely.
According to rippetoe strength training is one of the best things for conditioning.

I just don’t know what’s too much or not enough

The above routine I posted seemed alright to me

West side for skinny b’s

3 weight training sessions per week
Max effort upper Monday
Max effort lower Wednesday
And just an upper body volume day just to keep me sane

Then 2 conditioning sessions a week.

But I wouldn’t know how much is too much like we talking 30 mins of conditioning?

10 minutes of prowler sprints resting till fully recovered
10 mins of farmers
10 mins of hitting tractor tire or tire flips

I mean what does a conditioning workout consist of
Better to do
Light prowler sprints for power/speed
Heavy prowler for strength
Then farmers for lactate/metabolic?

It’s better than nothing but best things is an interesting view - especially when he advocates long rests between sets.

What’s the Navy’s fitness test?

Not sure how much further you are in the process but thought I would give some guidance, if the time has passed than disregard and good luck in your service!

Depending on how far out you are from the Navy and what your PT test scores are sitting at right now, you may want to do some self assessment work and see where you stand and what you should be focusing on. With that being said if you’ve got some time before shipping off, or if your run time is already sitting strong, I’ve been running the conditioning program below to keep my conditioning up during a strength cycle and… because I like farmers walks.

Monday: Deadlift Day
5x30ish meter prowler sprints every two minutes on the minute (add weight weekly as desired)

Tuesday: Bench Day
3x1000m rows rest 3 minutes between efforts (cut it to 3x500m if my lifting took too long)

Wednesday: Off from Gym
1 mile run
Unilateral loaded carry conditioning
With a kettlebell (I used 24kg/53lb bell)
20 seconds overhead carry, 30 second front rack, 40 second farmers carry, switch hands and repeat
1 mile run
*add 5 seconds each week to each carry portion until you figure out where you need to adjust the time abased on weakness and what gives out faster- I just carried my phone timer or watch in whichever hand wasn’t holding the kettlebell to keep track of time

Thursday: Squat Day
Air assault bike sprints
30 second sprint
30 second recover (either slow bike or just chill)

Friday: Overhead Press Day
5x30ish meter farmers walk every 2 minutes on the minute (progressively add weight each week as desired)

Saturday: 3 mile run

Also you mentioned you’re in a caloric surplus, and that’s fine but make sure you’re getting the right calories because when it comes to running, the less weight you carry the easier it is, so don’t be putting on any useless weight.