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Balancing the Gym and School


To keep things brief, I’d like to make gains while also getting a 4.0 this semester. In the past I’ve had success in one or the other, but never both.

This week’s training:

Bench 205x3x5
CG Bench 185x3x5
Upright Row straight bar 70x12,10, 10
Lat Pulldown 175x12,6,6
T-Bar Row 3 plates light bar 3x12
Cable Curl 150x6,5,5

Deficit Deadlift 225x5 245x2x5
OH Squat worked up to 85x3
Front Squat 135x3 145x4x5
Hip Thrust squeeze at top 225x3x6
Calf Machine "10"x10x12

Incline Bench 175x5 185x2x5
OHP 115x3x5
Pull Up 3x10,10,9
Cable Row 190x12,12,9
Cable Fly 30x12 40x2x10
Cable Lateral Raise 20x3x10

Deficit Deadlift 255x3x5
OH Squat 75x3x5
Front Squat 155x5x3
Hip Thrust squeeze at top 235x3x6
Seated Calves 70x10x15


Gym weight today was 172.0 lbs


Height? Age? Goals for training (strength, hypertrophy, chicks)?

I might want to follow this - I’m a HS English teacher, this might get interesting.


Might want to focus on school with those kind of weights.



Man, that’s twice this week you have been a dick. Once here and once on @rymon511’s log. @MarkKO called you on it.

You should be nicer.

You not getting laid, high E2?

I get the Jk, but seriously, you could be a little nicer.


If you care to check out my log from last summer, you’d see that I had a 320 bench and 455 squat and was 186lbs lean. My strength and weight is low right now because I backpacked Europe this summer and didn’t have a gym membership.


I’m 6’2" and 21. My training is generally focused on strength, as I want to compete in powerlifting; however, this training block I am mostly focused on hypertrophy. I would love to be around 185lbs towards the end of the semester and get close to my previous best strength levels. Thanks for stopping in!


Bench 215x3x5
CG Bench 195x3x5
Upright Row straight bar 70x12,10, 10
Lat Pulldown 175x3x9
T-Bar Row 2 plates 3x12
Cable Curl 140x8,7,7

Gym weight: 174.2 lbs


8/30 Gym Weight 172.6 lbs
Deficit Deadlift 260x3x5
OH Squat 75x3x5
Front Squat 135x3 145x4x5
Hip Thrust squeeze at top 225x3x6
Calf Machine "11"x5x15, "12"x5x15


Yea, EAT ALL THE FOODS!!! And enjoy it.

Dont stop there!!!


Haha, well after this semester comes winter break, when I’ll have a solid month to do nothing but eat and train and crush my previous bests :stuck_out_tongue:


8/31 Gym Weight: 173.4 lbs
Incline Bench 190x3x5
OHP 120x3x5
Pull Up 3x11,10,10
Cable Row 190x12,12,9
Cable Fly 40x10,11,11
Cable Lateral Raise 20x3x11


9/6 Gym Weight 171.8
Deficit Deadlift 265x3x5
OH Squat 75x3x5
Front Squat 160x5x3
Hip Thrust squeeze at top 255x3x6
Seated Calves 90x10x10

Took some days off to travel for my sister’s wedding. Back on track


9/7 Gym Weight 172.4
Bench 225x3x4
CG Bench 205x3x3,4,5
Upright Row straight bar 70x3x12
Lat Pulldown 175x3x10
T-Bar Row 100 3x12,10,10
Cable Curl 140x3x8


9/8 Gym Weight: 174.2
Deficit Deadlift 270x3x5
OH Squat 80x3x5
Front Squat 165x5x3
Hip Thrust squeeze at top 265x3x6
Calf Machine "12"x10x15


9/9 Gym Weight: 174.0
Incline Bench 195x3x5
OHP 125x3x5
Pull Up 3x11
Cable Row 190x12,12,10
Cable Fly 40x3x12
Cable Lateral Raise 20x3x12

9/11 Gym Weight 172.6
Deficit Deadlift 275x3x5
OH Squat 80x1x4
Front Squat 170x3x3
Hip Thrust squeeze at top 275x3x6
Seated Calves 90x10x11

Had poor sleep/nutrition/energy on 9/11 so I took out some sets of squats.


9/13 Gym Weight: 171.8
Bench 225x3x5
CG Bench 205x3x5
Upright Row straight bar 80x3x10
Lat Pulldown 190x3x10
T-Bar Row 100 3x12,12, 10
Cable Curl 140x3x9,9,8

Getting stronger



Got stuck doing homework til late and got to the gym just 30 minutes before they closed. Mini workout:

Gym weight: 172.4

Deficit Deadlift 280x2x5
Hip Thrust 275x3x6


You got the only thing that matters done…only half serious :smiley:


True dat

9/16 Forgot to weigh myself
Incline Bench 200x3x5
OHP 130x5 125x2x5
Pull Up 3x12
Cable Row 190x3x12
Cable Fly 40x2x13 40x12
Cable Lateral Raise 20x3x13

9/17 Gym Weight 173.2
Deficit Deadlift 280x3x5
OH Squat 85x3x5
Front Squat 170x5x3
Hip Thrust squeeze at top 265x3x6
Seated Calf Raise 90x4x12 90x6x11