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Balancing Pushing and Pulling

I’ve been following greyskull lp (alternate bench/ohp, pistol squats/front squats twice, deadlifts once) for the last 6 weeks, which has went well. In the book there is a “plugin” for high frequency push-ups and pull-ups. My problem is that high frequency pull-ups aggravate my elbows (from previous experiments with high frequency), so I wanted do pull-ups twice per week (bodyweight only/weighted) and use kettlebell swings for high frequency paired with push-ups.

Are kettlebell swings enough pulling to balance the pushing from push-ups?

buy a resistance band and do a zillion pull-aparts a day


Good idea. I have resistance tubes, which i’ve used for band pull aparts before.

No. KB swings aren’t pulls, they’re hip hinges. I have had the same problems with my elbows. Fatman pull-ups may be helpful, they were/are for me. Combined with pull aparts that should do the trick.

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also if your gym has it try hammer strength type pulldowns with palms facing you

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What about barbell rows?

Pull-ups with a neutral grip or on rings are typically much more elbow-friendly.

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That is true generally, however, standard pull-ups bother my elbows less than neutral grip.

Complete opposite for me.