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Balancing Out Volume

I feel much better doing higher reps (8-12) for pushing exercises (front squats, bench, press) and doing lower reps (4-8) for pulling exercises (sumo-deadlifts, row, pull-up) and it lets me do higher weight on them. It might have something to do with lack of endurance in my forearms.

The question is how do I balance out the volume? Do I just do 50-100% more sets on pulling exercises? Sounds good, but since I do them at high intensity, I don’t think I physically can. The strength and size of my pulling muscles is inferior compared to pushing muscles.

Dave Tate says that youre only as strong as your weakest part.

Train your pulls with the same parameters as your pushing. Work with it until you can balance your weights out. Your forearms will adapt.

I would say though, go lower on the reps on deads…high rep deadlifts means either you will be using lighter weights or really begging for an injury.

If your pulling muscles are less developed, and they are also weaker…this should not surprise you. Train them harder. Bring them up.

[quote]skor wrote:
I don’t think I physically can.[/quote]

Lose this mindset also, no one ever got anything done thinking that they couldnt do it.