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Balancing Out My Physique

yo! just looking for a bit critique on my physique. I’m finally happy with my size now and I just want to focus on balancing out my physique. Where am I lacking/over developed? here’s my stats:

Bench: 117.5kg 1rm
Deadlift: 195kg 1rm
squat: 200kg 1rm

weight 94kg (round about 207lbs)
height 6"3
age: 23

front shot

lost a lot of size on my legs recently (5 inches off my right and 3 off my left) as I tore my meniscus 3 months ago and couldn’t walk at all for a few weeks. I’m just starting rehab on it now. Here’s a picture of my legs anyways:

double gun

side shot

back gun

You can’t really balance out your physique without gaining muscle and you said you’re happy with your size now. OMG it’s a catch 22!

sorry, should have explained better. I’ve had a bit time off because of injuries and work, but eventually want to get back to fighting MMA. I could get away with adding a few kg, but any more than that and I wouldn’t be able to make middleweight.

 I think if your going to be fighting mma you should be less focused on the aesthetics of your physique and more about mma. A great body just comes naturally with hard mma training.You should focus more on which techniques you need to improve on rather than which body parts to bring up.

  I think if you do ever wish to pursue bodybuilding you have a good base, your physique is pretty balanced, just needs mass everywhere. Just my 2 cents.

I don’t have any plans to body-build. Just trying to find something to keep me occupied while I can’t do MMA for the next few months while I’m rehabbing my knee.

thanks for the help.