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Balancing Out Muscle Imbalances


Hello. Recently I've been incorporating exercises from the various articles about correcting muscles imbalances like the Neanderthal No More Series. Recently I read that doing all sets of your workout to failure stimulates muscle growth while just doing one set to failure stimulates more strength gains. If this is true, what approach should I take when working out my weaker posterior chain muscles to correct my muscles imbalances and posture?


I disagree with that 100%. Training to failure at all is not an efficient way to make strength gains.

No really sure what you're asking or what you're trying to correct. The Neanderthal No More series is a pretty thorough program. Follow it as-is and you'll be fine.


Would balancing out your muscles make you taller by getting rid of anterior tilt and hunchback?


Yeah, if you're hunched back or anterior tilt was so extreme that it looks painful and bizarre.


I'm pretty sure you just asked if you'd be taller if you stood up straight, so... yes.

How's it been working for you these last few months?