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Balancing Out Bench Presses

In the past I used to do one set of rows and one set of chinups for every set of bench presses. Right now, because I bought weightlifting shoes, I want to focus on snatch grip deadlifts and squats, so I am planning on lowering the volume for the rows and chins. Does this mean I have to lower the volume for the benches as well, or will the deadlits (with shrug) balance them out. Should I do more overhead presses, or less?

Sorry if this is an annoying question, but this shoulder balancing thing is very confusing to me.


I’m glad my training isn’t this complicated.

I hope someone can help you.

whats your whole program look like? stats?

I used to do a 2:1 ratio of pulling to pressing, but now its probably reversed. The main reason is that I can pull a lot more than I can push, so it is much more demanding.

Dont overcomplicate it though. Just make sure you dont have any glaring weaknesses (Like being able to bench 1.5x BW but not do a full pullup). Do some facepulls or other shoulder prehab type stuff and get strong.

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How much do you row and how many chins can you do? What do you bench? If they are close and you can do 10-12 bodyweight chins I wouldn’t worry.

I imagine that you would need to have an unbalanced workload for a decent amount of time in order to develop any sort of strength imbalances. I’m sure if this is just a specialization type of situation (4-6 weeks?) that you’ll be okay in the long run.


Forget about how much benching you do for a minute. Okay so let me get this straight… You now do deadlifts and squats, and for this reason and this reason only, you now wonder if for some reason you should decrease your rowing and chinning? Blahhhhhhhhh blaa blibbidy blabbybuuuh blah bla. I hope this helps.

Ok, seriously, like people have mentioned already, don’t worry too much about your ratio unless you have specific muscular imbalances (like upper crossed syndrome) and or severe strength inbalances between the two movements (db rowing pressing). if you do have issues, then you may need to do something about it, and in that case perhaps we can help, but you’ve got to ask the right questions and or give us the right information about the maladies you are faced with that would cause you to post this.