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Balancing Lifting and BJJ - Maximizing Recovery


Before I begin my detailed rant, I want to know how to maximize my recovery so I can gain strength, improve my bjj game and conditioning, and potentially lose weight.

I have been training no gi Brazilian jiu jitsu for about three months. I have about a three and a half month period between graduating high school and college in which I plan on training bjj as well as lifting and doing a little bit of conditioning. I will be working as well.

I train bjj on Monday and Wednesday. It usually includes 15-20 minutes of live sparring.


Here are my current stats.

190 lbs
105x3x5 military press
135x4,4,3 bench press
~6 pull ups
185x5 front squat
Deadlift not testedâ?¦ likely around 315x3
Still working on power clean formâ?¦ around 155x5

My ideal stats mid-September would be:

175 lbs
135x3x5 military press
165x3x5 bench press
10 pull ups (at least)
225x3x5 front squat
365x5 deadlift
205 power clean

I have been tapering back into lifting this week. I went to the gym three days - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday and Friday were upper body days and Wednesday was leg day. I am incredibly sore, but I know that it will subside over time and I am looking into a good mobility program to keep my flexibility and recovery up.

For upper body training, I start with 3 sets of heavy pressing, and then go into a superset with higher reps (ie military press and pull ups or dumbbell bench and 1 arm dumbbell rows). I try to focus on volume and my upper back and forearms after the heavy pressing sets.

For lower body training I’ll do a big movement then hit a few smaller movements or plyometrics to be build power and be efficient. For example, my workout on Wednesday was:
Power clean supersetted with 1 leg box jumps
Front squat supersetted with tuck jumps
1 leg hip thrusts supersetted with leg curls, 1 leg calf raisers, and decline crunches
Agility ladder drills with leg lift holds

I want to work up to 3 days of upper body lifting and 2 days of lower body lifting as well maybe a day with just agility ladder drills, jumping, and short sprints (not too much exertion â?? maybe 70% effort).


I also have to focus on PT for an old ankle sprain. If I keep on top of it, it is not an issue.

I haven’t been getting an ideal amount of sleep, but after I graduate I will be focusing on that. This week I have been focusing on upping my protein intake and eating fruits and veggies… It’s making a big difference in how I feel.

I have access to some good self massage tools, a bathtub (…ice baths? nooo…), and a dry sauna.

I will have a lot of time on my hands and so any recovery methods and/or programing advice would be much appreciated!

Tell me if I need a TL;DRâ?¦ I feel like I might, but I tried to only have crucial details.

I would recommend 3 days of lifting and 2 days of bjj since you are prioritizing strength atm. Your lifting days should be centered around movements, not body parts. Do the following:

Squat: work up to heavy triple
Squat: 3x5@80% of triple
Front Squat…superset…Good Mornings
Abs: 3x20

Bench Press: work up to beavy triple
Bench Press: 3x5@80% of triple
Overhead Press…superset…Pull Ups
Triceps: 3x8-12

Deadlift: Work up to heavy triple
Deadlift: 3x5@80% of triple
Barbell Row…superset…Barbell Shrug
Abs: 3x20

Try to add 5lbs to your heavy triples every week, eat a lot of quality food and do mobility drills, static stretching and myofascial release at least 10 minutes a day.

To bee good in bjj you have to do it then. It’s technique sport mostly. Start starting strenght program and do steady state cardio.
you are beginner you DONT need anything else but that.