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Balancing Foods


So I know if you just eat a tuna can, thats not a meal, or just a bowl of pasta. So for every meal i try to balance it out (get in protein and carbs together)...so is eating like..a can of tuna, 250ml milk, and a bowl of pasta an alright meal choice (along with some veggies with the pasta)??
Woudl this meal be alright also
3 whole eggs, 3 egg whites (boiled)
2 slices whole wheat toast
maybe a cup of cottage cheese, 250ml water and 2 fish oil caps?



Good lord you are OVER thinking this. Try and get varied sources and balance it in the long term the DAY and you'll be fine. get plenty of protein, veggies, fruits etc and your golden.

Good basic way to think of it. Get Protein and Something else with every meal. It can be as simple as some meat and an apple. A Big salad with meat, maybe a hard boiled egg.

Hell even just grabbing a nice half a chicken LOL Thats balanced. A nice whack of protein and fats. If you have time add some veggies but hell dont sweat it planty of time in the rest of the day to eat them.

Once again aim to get a LOT of good food over the long run and your fine.

Hope that helps,


Alright man thanks. Just a question. How many of these meals should I eat a day? 6-7? as in...
cottage cheese and banana before bed.
Sound good?



Ya aim for 6 meals a day. Try and spread the protein out evenly between meals.


Honestly yup looks good to me. OVERTHINKING LOL :slight_smile:

Id say shoot for 3 - 10 meals a day to fit your life caloric needs and goals. If you are progrssing to YOUR goals no matter what they are and how your doing it. If it works thats what matter.

I my self average between 5-8 meals a day.

Have a good one,