Balancing Contradictory Goals for Rugby and Track & Field

Hey CT

Im currently trying to balance a couple of contradictory training goals. I

have recently resumed playing 7s rugby and will be starting 15 a side rugby within the next month, i also have a track and field championship to compete in for the 100m and 4x100m. Ive spent most of the southern hemipshere summer working on a farm and took up 7s at a late notice so I havent had the chance to prepare for track, 7s, or 15s the way i would have wanted too. Ive managed to fit 2 7s trainings, 2-3 sprint sessions and 2-3 “strength” sessions in per week in with work. The lack of eating, recovery, extra output from work and jack of all trades training has left me skinner, weaker, and slower than i have been in some time! im 3-4kg lighter than my former playing weight (93kg 6ft2inch), 20-30kg weaker than my bests in all my major lifts (squat, deadlift, clean, bench, OH press), my jumping has just started to get closer to what it was, and im approximately .5 to .8 slower than what im capable over 100m - though i have next to know idea where im really at because i havent had a chance to do anything fresh or race properly. I want to “power up” and get stronger and faster at the same time, AND add another 3 or 4 kg to the frame especially once track is done. ive used your 6-week to super hero programme before to great affect, and your performance protocols (which got me very twitchy before i suffered an injury). Some sort of complex system seems like the go, if i can manage CNS fatigue to sprint well too.

The problems are
A. Short turn around 2-3 weeks till track champs
B. Rugby season kicks off one week later - im willing to put in a 6 week slog and and not feel great through the first few games for the greater good
C. The performance goals are seemingly contradictory to achieve at once (unless you are a bobsledder)
D. Im can be racehorse - prone to injury and poor performance if I wreck my CNS or dont recover well
E. Im thick torso’d with long arms and legs, and im trap dominant, alot of the atrophy has happened in the limbs and extremities - especially the arms and delts - which usually affects my upper strength movements drastically. Hip flexion strength is poor, glute activation CAN be poor too on one side. I work on those with rehab movements - sometimes that work inhibits performace quality IE. glute work on a track day

The upside
A. I have a good conditioning base from 7s and track
B. Farm work is over and im back to study with a low key schedule - i can fit alot of training in and eat better
C. I’ve been there before - im not chasing numbers and kilos i havent hit or carried before, i dont need to hit PRs to be effective, i just need to be closer to them
D. Im weaker but im moving better and have better body knowledge and bio-mechanics than before when i was at those numbers.

CT any thoughts would be greatly appreciated - bear in mind
Tuesday-Thursday - compulsory field sessions for rugby
Saturday, racing or pre-season games

Love your work.