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Balancing CHO and PRO


Do any of you have any specific amount of extra water you drink due to extra protein consumption, (like 35-45% protein diet) or do you just drink an ass load anyway?

Btw does anybody find that there is an amount of protein too excessive? In other words you get light headed or feel terrible because the protein is displacing carbs in the diet? (For those who manipulate their diet, by replacing carbs with protein but who may keep fat constant at around a third or so)


to much protein is an individual thing, everyone is different. You can buy strips to test your urine to see how much is being waisted sort of. excess amount of protein is broken down into a form of ammonia called "Urea". done by the liver and kidneys. also if your body doesn't use all the protein it is stored as fat. so try 1.0 grams of protein per pound of LBM and go fromt there.


this is common for many people who restrict carbs


Yeah if your going super low on carbs you need to up your fat intake to make up for it (see the threads on the anabolic diet) I prefer to go moderate amounts of both when cutting (about a 100g of both).

As far as excessive protein I know from personal experience I tend to get bloated if I eat more than 475-500g a day. I almost never go over 400g anymore.


The only way your body would not use all the protein is if your total calories were above what you need. In other words, if you're on a CHO restricted/high protein diet, you would have had to meet or exceed in fat calories in order for "excess" protein to be stored as fat.


Is protein the only macro nutrient where you tend to feel bloated? Excess CHO wouldn't do this?


I dunno I think when most people eat excess carbs(such as when bulking) they tend to be a little bloated mostly because of the water thats carried with them. You basically have to decide what your goals are..then what your overall caloric intake needs to be to reach those goals.Finally you need to decide where to "spend" those calories.No matter what I'm doing I never go below 300g of protein a day and 90g of fat. Now whether I'm bulking or cutting depends on how many carbs I intake.


What bothers me is that you ever felt the need to take in 500gr of protein when you weigh under 220lbs.


Actually at the time I was around 235 pounds at 6'1 and as most people do when they're somewhat new to something they experiment..after taking in 475-500 grams of protein a day for a few weeks I decided the bloating wasn't worth it and cut back to around 375-400.

Thanks for your concern though...

PS I weighted in at 225 Friday morning. I haven't updated my profile in a while.