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Balancing Act to Super Hero!



This is going to be, "My Plan Of Action" for the next year!

I'm currently on my final week of the V-Diet, and my extended transition period ends on the 17th of May. And I'll be eating at maintenance for 1 week till the 25th of May.

I'm basically going to be continuing with fat loss from the 25th of May till the 12th of July;

I'll be following CT's Regressive Ketogenic Cycle, and probably running 2-3 back to back cyles, with 1 week break in between each one before moving on to my mass gain phase. CT says that a person can loose 4-5% on each cycle, I'd be happy with between 3-4% on each one.

1st Cycle: 15th June - 12th July
2nd Cycle: 20th July - 16th Aug

Starting Strength - 14 Weeks

I'm weak, very weak, and one thing I've always wanted to do is get the numbers up on all of the main lifts. That's my first reason for doing Starting Strength, the second reason, the more strength I have, the more muscle I'll be able to build with my later mass gain programs.

I'll be following a Carb Cycling approach on this phase. I'll be eating moderate carbs on training days and low carbs on all other days, with 2 cardio days a week on the low days.

HSS 100 Chest Specialisation - 4 Weeks

This one is kinda obvious. I'm doing this to add mass to my chest. I like these programs and chose them over the others because they focus on one muscle group at a time and have 2-3 specialist days, one working on width and the other working on thickness.

I'll be using a Carb Cycling approach in these programs, meaning Carbs at breakfast around workout, PWO shake and PWO meal only. On the specialisation days, this will be Surge Workout Fuel Pre and Peri Workout and Hydrolysed Whey + Vitargo PWO.

On non specialist days, I'll only be using Hydrolysed Whey + Vitargo Peri-WO and PWO.

HSS 100 Back Specialisation - 4 weeks

Again, obvious to why I'm doing this, to add mass to my back, but the other reason is to make sure I have a balance between the anterior and prosterior of my body, which is why this will be done directly after the chest specialisation.

As Above.

HSS 100 Shoulder Specialisation - 4 weeks + Get A Great Ass - 6 Weeks

Building big cannonball shoulders! I haven't been blessed with great shoulder width or development so this will be a great way to increase the perception of a V shaped frame.

Big shoulders also look fucking great! Plus girls love guys with Great Glutes!

As above.

Maintenance - 2 Weeks

I'll be doing 3 day a week TBT training as de-conditioning, just to allow the muscles to relax a bit, so they can have a chance to rebound and grow before I move on to the next training program

Maintenance Low Carbs diet. Carbs (Oatmeal/fruit only) at breakfast and PWO only. Protein with all meals of course. And P+F meals the rest of the time.

Super Hero Training + Awesome Abbs - 12 weeks

This program is all about looking good. It specifically focuses on the muscles that make you look good, the "beach muscles".

If you guys haven't seen where this program spawned from, it originally came from here;

This again should come as no surprise, I'm not an aspiring pro BBer or PLer, all I want is an awesome physique, and to me that means awesome abdominals along with the other muscle groups mentioned above.

Carb Cycling again, but I don't think I'll need as much calories on the awesome abbs days, so I'll be treating those as low days, but by the time I start this program, my BMR may have gone up quiet a bit due to the increased muscle mass from the previous 3 programs.

Maintenance - 1 Week

So that's my plan for the next year, although I will allow for some flexibility if needed.

All of the training programs are well thought out and have yielded great results for other T-Members that have used them in the past.

I know there'll be a lot of support from members, and a lot of people that'll read all of this and probably give me shit.



Great outline! One piece of advice: be flexible. If things don't work out perfectly, don't sweat it. That right there accounts for 100% of my past failures (starting over/quitting because I didn't do things exactly as outlined).

Also, good job picking out CT programs. That guy definitely knows his stuff.



Thanks for the advice Joe, I can understand where your coming from. I know it's all pretty exact and it will not be the easiest road to stay on.

But in my past experiences, If I have an exact plan to follow, I do really well.
It's when I have the option to tweak things or stray from the plan that I stumble.

Well I have a month or so before the real start date, so I can review a few things if needs be, but I don't think I'm really going to change anything too much.



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I would have to be an idiot not to take up an offer like that. I'll send you an e-mail and we'll sort out the finer details.

Cheers mate, it's really good of you to help sort me out.



The more I think about it, the more I want to do HSS-100 (the general program) after Starting Strength.

Guess that's still a good 10 weeks away, so I have plenty of time to think about it.


Yeah, there's still a while to go to have a good think about it. I've been thinking about what bulking programs I've been wanting to do since I joined last April, but I took the concious decision to loose some fat first.

Have a good think before you dive into anything.



Wow, great outline, very organized. I'll be following, good luck with this!


Thanks man, make sure you drop in once in a while to check up on me!



Hey LR

You really have given this some thought!

Like the other guys said-I would keep this as a rough guide and not a rigid thing, to allow for some flexibility.

Two points. And this is just my 2 pence-

15% BF seems like a conservative goal. I know you've lost a lot already but why not shoot for 12% or 10% before trying to gain muscle. Not only is it easier to gain muscle, the less BF you have but when you do gain muscle you will look better. Plus you're bound to put on a few pounds of fat when training for gain so you might wanna get the BF down first.

Also, I'd think about doing the shoulder program before the chest and back program. Most chest and back exercises incorporate the shoulder muscles so stronger shoulders might aid you in the chest and back workouts.

Just a thought like I say. I might be wrong. Be interesting to see what the experts think.

best of luck, i'll be keeping an eye on your progress


Hey SP, thanks for dropping by and giving me some input, I do appreciate that you have my best interests in mind.

There's a chance I might change things around, but it will depend on expert opinion. As you may have seen from above, BBB has offered me his services to give me a full 'body MOT' and a breakdown of how my structure is working.

There are reasons that I've placed the programs in the order that I have, my thinking may be flawed, but I've been researching it for about a year and hope I have it right.

I know that strong shoulders do help in chest and back workouts, but I don't want the shoulders to be dominant in any of the exercises and take over the movement. From a lot of reading I've done, the shoulders, when strong, can take over certain movements meaning the chest of shoulders aren't getting the most of it.

So by putting the shoulder specialisation before the chest and back, not only is there a chance that they'll take over movements when the chest or back become fatigued, but they won't have time to rest and recover enough if I follow the shoulder specialisation with the chest or back, so they wont' have the time to heal and grow.

If there's anything I'm thinking of changing in my HSS-100 line-up, it's putting Back before Chest and keeping Shoulders third, but I really don't want to put Shoulders before Chest or Back.

As for aiming for a lower BF% before I start my bulk, I honestly have thought about it a lot. My original plan was to be around the 10% mark by July 6th, before I started bulking, If you look in My Profile, it was listed as one of my original goals.

But from what I can see now that I'm loosing the fat, I've been deluding myself as to how much muscle I actually have under all of this blubber, and at this stage I don't think that my starting BF% will make a major difference when I start to bulk, but like I say above, what I do from the end of the V-Diet till the official start in July (6th) is still up in the air.

But here was my reasoning, the numbers are just ball park, but bare with me:

I start a bulk at;

75 Kg @ 15% BF (11.25 Kg of Fat)

If I put on 10 Kg of muscle and no fat (I know it's a bit far fetched), I will weigh;

85 Kg @ 13.24% BF (11.25 Kg of Fat)

If I go beyond all odds, and put on 15 Kg of muscle and no fat, I'll weigh;

90 Kg @ 12.5% BF (11.25 Kg of Fat).

So in short, I'm going to take one step at a time after I finish the V-Diet. It's highly possible that I may carry on with Destroying Fat before I start NNM on 06/07.

But the truth is, what I really want to do is add strength before I start NNM.



So I asked CT which order I should do the HSS-100 programs in, and above is his response.




Like I say mate, I'm no expert. Just sharing my thoughts.

Good point about the shoulders. I think you'd be really lucky not to gain any fat on a bulk program though. Even doing a 'clean' bulk, you're still on excess calories and likely to gain a pound or two of fat. Like you say, you've got plenty of time before you start anyway.

I saw BBB's offer. Hey Bushido-do you have a website where I can get more info? I too would be interested in finding out what my weaknesses are.

Good to see you've started another log- be really interested to see what results you achieve over the next 12 months.


Just saw your last post.

That's that cleared up then. :slight_smile:


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I admit I am a bit of a novice, but what does CT mean by no phase to phase carryover?




I think it means there won't be fatigue from the previous phase that will effect the next phase, I.E. chest fatigue shouldn't effect back movements and back fatigue won't effect shoulder movements.


Thanks man.



So I've decided to go with SP's advice and shoot for more Fat Loss before I start NNM on 06/07.

I've spent the last couple of days planning the diet that I'll be on when I'm cutting the Fat. Really stressing me out.



Finally got my RKD cycle down to a T, all 3 day types, workout/non-workout menus, all the macros are perfect. And I'm finally stress free!

I'll be following the Regressive Keto Cycle for 2-3 cycles, if I finidh after 2, I'll be eating maintenance till I start the HSS-100 programs, or if I do 3, I'll be finishing at the end of NNM and then going straight onto HSS-100.

So now I only have to design maintenance eating diets for off days, and targeted carb days for training days, but I still have to do a lot of research and asking around about mass gain diets because I've never done this before.

Hopefully I can get the rest done by Monday!