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Balancing 5/3/1

Hey Jim and all,

Quick question and in my gut I’ve probably already answered it, I’ve started a new job a delivery route which along with driving has me walking 3 to 5 miles daily which would take care of conditioning but obviously something else needs sacrificing.

My goal is strength so OG 5/3/1 seems to be the way to go but I would like to get the bare minimum of volume in if possible without affecting recovery.

What supplemental/assistance would you suggest?

Any and all expertise is very welcome.

How much do you weigh? I know I’m on the lighter end of the spectrum but if 3-5 miles eats into your recovery it won’t for long unless you’re plenty heavy. Humans adapt to walking fairly well, if their weight is in the middle of the bell-curve.

It’s admirable that you want to ensure that you keep progressing, so I don’t write the above to slight you. 5’s PRO and FSL seem good for when other physical workload is high.


3-5 miles is ballpark 10k steps, about what is recommended as a baseline for a healthy adult. What are your goals?

@Voxel I weigh around 90kg and have sleep apnea so it’s probably more of a respiratory issue. I forgot to add that it’s not just walking there are hills and apartment blocks with stairs. I guess the longer I do it the easier it will get.

As for FSL I’d be keen to try that as I’m doing the triumvirate at present.

90kg at how tall?

@dagill2 5ft 10

So you’re far from a land whale. I say keep training the way you were previously to hit whatever your goals are, and allow your body to adjust to the new workload. It won’t take too long, as @Voxel said, the human body can adjust to this stuff pretty quickly. Maybe eat some bigger steaks or whatever for a while to account for the extra calories you’re burning.

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Thanks @dagill2 @Voxel

Much appreciated. :+1:t4:


@Voxel and @dagill2 are spot on here, but one other thing you can do to help ease the transition a bit is to drop your training maxes (mainly for lower body) by 10-20 lbs for your first cycle on the new job. It should let you build a little tolerance and momentum before you start pushing heavier weights.


Yeah sound advice also @garagerocker13
Nice one! :+1:t4: