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Balanced? Pre-Rugby Season.


Wasn't sure where to post this.

I've just come off of 3 out of 4 months of EC's Maximum Strength with some great progress in strength. Bench went from 240-260. Squat from 320-345. And dead-lift from 360 to 400. And weight from 163 to 168. I wish I could have finished it but I won't have time before the season.

I've designed the following 3 day Total-Body workout because I'm going to need more conditioning days before my rugby season. I'm currently a wing and outside center.

A. DB Snatch
B. Bulgarian Split Squat
C1. Weighted Chin-up
C2. Barbell Decline Close-grip Bench/ Dip
D1. Iso-hammer curl
D2. Skull-crusher

Interval training

A1. One Arm Row
A2. BB push press
B1. Snatch grip dead-lift
B2. Leg-curl
C1. Incline DB curl
C2. Rope Extension
D. Direct Ab work

Sprint training (maximal speed)

A. Jump Squat
B1. Wide grip pull-up
B2. Incline Bench
C1. Side Lunge
C2. Cable squat
D1. Side Raises
D2. Pikes

Most likely will consist on a strongman style workout
Tire flips
Kegs tosses
anchor chain drags
Sledgehammer swings

The set and rep schemes will cycle from day to day
Week 1: M 5x5, W 4x8, 3x12
Week 2: M 3x12, W 5x5, F 4x8 etc...

I will probably not cycle the jump squat and snatch the same way. I need a little more volume with a program and my body responds well to TB.

What I would appreciate from you all is some feedback on whether or not this training system is balanced. All criticism will be considered constructive and I thank you all in advance.


Are you not doing regular squats? I'm switch between inside and outside center, though I've played wing and I personally can't train without doing squats.


I've been squatting heavy for the past 3 months and I think the snatch-grip deads and split squats will help. I see your point though, this is a rough draft.

I was trying to add a little more explosive work.

Thanks for the feedback.


I think it looks pretty good. My only advice would be to let yourself have a full 2 days of rest if you feel like you need it. IOW, if you do your Monday routine, your Wednesday routine, and are feeling subpar on Friday, push your Friday routine to Saturday. The M-W-F full body thing can really takes its toll quickly if you feel like you have to stick to that schedule.


You could throw in some Olympic lifts for explosiveness if you feel you can do them well.


Yeah I don't have too much experience with them so that's why I included the DB snatches.

Thanks for the advice.


No worries, good luck with rugby.