Balanced Neurotype Results - Any Other Insights?

I just took the Neurotype test, and I can see traits of each neurotype that scored over 40%. I’m 46, and would like to train for performance, relative strength, and explosiveness, so I’m posting here to see if there are any program suggestions or things to keep in mind in pursuit of these goals.

2A - 48%
3 - 46%
2B - 43%
1B - 41%
1A - 33%

Most of my lifting has been in the 5/3/1 framework, but I’ve noticed I can set 3-4 PRs in a week, and then feel terrible on the weekend - like my life is going downhill, and the future is bleak. I think I feel pressure to get a new PR, and I’m good at amping up for the lift, but then pay the cost later, more on the emotional/energy level than physical soreness. Just like in the Army - I could qualify for the fastest running groups, but I would eventually drop out of them, because I couldn’t run at that pace every day. I also loved being a starting pitcher in baseball, where you could get up for a game, and then relax for the next couple of days.

I feel like I need to be improving, even if it’s very slow progress. But injury and setbacks discourage me a great deal. I don’t feel like I need to change things every 3-4 weeks, at least with exercise selection. I don’t find that I get bored doing the same exercises, when it’s 1-2 times per week. I’m finishing CT’s Athlete-Bodybuilder program where you do lifts 3x/week, and I’m finding myself getting a little tired of that frequency from a mental standpoint. I ran Hepburn method on OHP and front squat for a while, and enjoyed it. I tend to enjoy too many exercises, and have to be careful to not do too much over the course of a week or month. I’m guilty of feeling great during a session, and then overdoing it on squats or track intervals, and negatively affecting the next 1-2 workouts. I feel like I need to take my time and ramp up to the top lift of the day, in 10-20 lb increments. I hate joint pain and feeling the lift in the wrong places. I don’t enjoy lots of exercises in a session - for some reason a big “to-do” list is discouraging. I like drop sets, supersetting, and rest-pause methods. I like upper/lower splits, and one main lift a day, to keep focus. I pretty much never regret taking an extra rest day on 5/3/1 or Hepburn when I feel I need it. Personality wise, I prefer not to be the vocal, out-front leader, but I can rise to the role when I feel confident in the task. Same with public speaking - I get very anxious if I might not know the subject material as well as the audience, but if I have a good grasp of the topic, I enjoy being in front of groups. I have an explosive temper, but I can calm down and get back to normal very quickly.

What I think I ought to do:

  1. Incorporate glycine to calm down after workouts. I got away from it, thinking it didn’t do much. But took it again this week and noticed better sleep and relaxation. Should be beneficial in my 2A profile.
  2. Do PR sets sparingly, and not on all lifts in a week
  3. Consider programs with cluster sets and slow eccentric/concentric. Most of my lifting has been normal reps, like one second concentric and 1-2 second eccentric. I also like the explosive focus in the Bodybuilder/Athlete program. But I’m not a grinder, so I might benefit from slower reps. If I miss a lift, I know it quickly - I’ll hit a sticking point and that’s it. I’m interested in how to structure slower reps with an overall goal of explosiveness and better relative strength.
  4. Try to be more explosive on “normal” reps

Anyway, that’s my profile and background, and I’m interested in any feedback on how to train better at the age of 46. Thanks.