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 Everyonce in a while - alright most of the time you're at a gym - you seem to bump into someone who has a bad attitude, and thinks just because they gained 10 lbs of mass, they are now allowed the right to walk around as if they're about to beat everybody's ass, and give you 'the look' anytime you so much as look in their general direction. They dont know much about training - but no matter, in their own pathetic little minds they're the be all, know all of weightlifting and bodybuilding. Most of them have not trained for more than 2 years - although most who have trained less than 2 years are not this type of meathead, mind you - but some have trained for 15 years. They're what I regard as the grownup babies of weightlifting...while their bodies grew stronger and bigger, their minds were neglected so much youll swear they must have a single peanut inside their massive, often fat head. 

 Everybody has their own preference. Most of all, It seems, many of us go through an evolution...One where in the beginning all you want is either that ripped 6 pack, or be the biggest guy in the gym. Eventually, maybe becauuse of some reality calls, maybe because of some setbacks, maybe because you dont feel as healthy when you're 230 lbs as when you're 200 lbs and lean, your goals become different

  ....they start to focus more on an all around, in great shape, healthy physique. One where you're big and strong enough to move huge ammounts of weight; one thats lean enough; one that has enough endurance to allow you to outlast an opponent in a fight, or in a sport; One that that doesnt make you breathe like an asthmatic because you have too much fat around your gut and because you eat too much peanut butter or because you decided to walk 10 feet between rooms in your house;

  More importantly, I think you learn the importance of balance, and that no matter how much of a bodybuilder you are, it still wont get you laid as much as you wish, and it still wont get you the career of your dreams...it wont make you a leader; it wont make you a person of integrity and honor and respect.

  See, being HUGE, bigger than ANYONE ELSE, while a physical accomplishment much like Arnie SChwarze, doesnt do much for you in the end if you neglect every other aspect of your life - its about balance, knowing what the ideal is for YOU, wether it be 190lbs, 210 lbs, or 250 lbs, and work to get it BOTH physically, and just as importantly, if not more important, mentally.

   I see one too many weightlifters who completely ignore their mind. They walk around like they'll beat you up if you so much as look at them - nevermind you couldnt give 2 shits about them. Theyve had the same crappy job theyve had for 6 years. They dont get laid much. Most of all, they're not leaders, and they lack integrity and respect. They think they're somehow the man by walking around in a threatening way, but the truth is their lives are....miserable when compared with what they would be if only they worked for a good career, developed a strong character that doesnt involve giving 'the look' left and right, and stopped acting like theyll beat everybody's ass, like a roided out fat-ass...which will, however, do a great job at getting rid of many of your friends, and lose respect from those who know you.

  Acting like a roided out fatass a la Bigconan (fatass grande) will accomplish you nothing. Most of all, if you're overly agressive, chances are you're overcompensating for something... and mostly that you, well, lack testosterone, or maybe that you just 'dont perform' lol.

   Sure, Im partial to the military service in many ways. Although they dont bench press 600 lbs and deadlift 900 lbs, they have BALANCE - they're strong of Body, they're strong of Mind (probably above all else), and they're strong of spirit (which keeps you fighting and humping along when most would quit). These guys need as much strength of each as they can get. They wont get through their job, day in and day out, without being physically strong, having physical endurance, being VERY mentally strong, and being spiritually strong. If they're physically strong but mentally weak, or spiritually strong, you can bet they'll be the first ones to go or to quit (or worse yet to claim they're gay when they're not strictly to be discharged from the military service, albeit dishonorably). As in life, the feat of bench pressing 600 lbs doesnt do much for you except allowing to benchpress 600 lbs.

  Balance - Strength of Mind, Body, and Spirit. 


Where is this gym of badasses? I’ve never seen anyone like that, in any of my gyms. Everyone is surprisingly courteous.


Good post…

  I thought so too... *Baffled look*

  Coach Davies thoguht so too in his PM he sent me.

  Oh well.

Hey good post. I also like to think that I have evolved in that I’m more concerned about functional strength and endurance than aesthetics, like I was when I started lifting.

I was helping these two guys clean out a condemned property last week, and they were both carrying large sheets of plywood. When they saw me carrying them by myself with ease, one of them said, “I guess it pays to be the scrawniest one.” Whatever the hell that meant, they are both fat and out of shape. So I guess I don’t look physically imposing, but I train for functional strength and conditioning, especially during baseball season. Sure, I used to look thicker when I was 215 and 15% bf, but now I have abs and at least I don’t get out of breath carrying wood. Meatheads.

unfortunately a lot of people are drawn to physical improvement and bodybuilding in particular because of their rampant insecurities. “if I get swole, I will be da man!”

half of the fitness models seem to be recovering from some eating disorder or another. you get some inspiring stories with weight lifting, and you also get some overgrown brats.

excellent thread,