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Balance In Arm Size, Help

 I think everyone has this problem at least a little bit, but doesn't care to fix it because it doesn't phase them.  I am right-hand dominante and obviously my right bicep (arm in general) is bigger than my left arm.  I was wondering if there was anything I could try to even them out a little more, I know it will never be perfect, but it can at least be closer... Right?  Do I need to wake up and just go on? or is there a way to fix my problem?

The way I fixed mine was to injure my forearm so badly that I couldnt train biceps for almost a year, now, my ‘dominant’ arm is actually 1/2" smaller than the other one… uh,… ok, not a great idea -lol


what’s the actual difference in terms of measurement?

It’s 'bout 3/4" to 1" bigger…

I wouldnt worry about it too much at this point and just working on gaining weight. If you are working both arms evenly from here on out, then as you gain weight, the difference should become less of an issue. Also make sure to do unilateral work and make sure you calibrate your weights according to your weaker arm. The difference between 10" arms and 10 3/4 inch arms is a lot more noticeable than that between 17 and 17 3/4 inch arms.

I have the same problem, what you could do that helped me is I would do three sets on my left and two on my right for two exercises then both on the last. I did it until the strength in my left arm caught up and got closer in size

[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
The way I fixed mine was to injure my forearm so badly that I couldnt train biceps for almost a year, now, my ‘dominant’ arm is actually 1/2" smaller than the other one… uh,… ok, not a great idea -lol


Hard Core Stu hard core

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Yeah, thanks. It does make more sense about the 10" arms being more noticed than the 17".

Unilateral exercises help, and whenever you are doing dumbbell exercises, start with your left arm first. Naturally, since you’re right handed, you probably have a tendency to start with your right hand, but starting with your left is good as well.

I had the same issue as you did, and when I was doing dumbbell exercises, I started with the left hand, and now my arms are almost evened out.

You can try this if you like

I would do a pre-exaust dumbbell curl with your smaller arm, then immediatly do a barbell curl until that smaller arm just quits. Your bigger arm will help force the reps and it won’t get the workout the smaller one does, but it helps the smaller one catch up while still doing something for the stronger arm.

If your body is overcompensating by constantly using the stronger arm a little more in a barbell curl because it is stronger, well then it will keep doing that because it is easier. The body doesn’t find the hard way to lift a weight, it takes the easy way out …any way it can. You have to make it want to overcompensate the other way now.

Force it to grow and get stronger as its being punished on one side and needs to catch up. Your body will recognize this and overcompensate for the lack of ability over there and add some muscle to it.

That’s just one way to fix an imbalance. There are many. This is the one I use and it works everytime. Usually a result from doing heavy compounds and my body favoring a side. Always my left. I also make a conscience effort now to emphasize my weaker side when doing a lift. I concentrate on the muscles actually working instead of the lift.

Helps to eliminate strength imbalances. I could press more weight by ignoring the stronger/weaker sides and just going for max weights and reps …but I don’t do this often, this just gets me back to imbalances.

Dumbbells are always a good idea for imbalances. Or just work the weaker side I guess. What worked best for me was the pre-exaust and forced reps method.


More barbell exercises instead of dumbells! Lets say you right arms poops out at 10 reps while ur left arms poops out at 9 reps. Do the ten reps, with a spotter so that your weak arm will even out now that it is working a little harder due to that extra rep past its failing point.

I interrupt this thread (sorry dude) for tonight’s brain teaser. I’m very right handed/dominant. My left arm is noticeably bigger than my right if you take the time to look, but my right is still a bit stronger. We now return you to this regularly scheduled thread.

My left arm is bigger than my right, I’m right handed. they are the same strength, though the left can move more weight, my right lasts longer as far as max reps is concerned.