Balance B/T Workout & Other Activities

I enjoy doing sports in addition to my workouts (finishing up Waterbury Method this week). Soccer, American Football, Volleyball, Martial Arts, etc. I find it fun to do many different things.

I think I’ve learned that doing “too much” will hinder my progress from my gym workouts. Now, I’m not a pro anything…nor do I pretend to be. But I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting time in the gym if I do other sports, possibly negating the effects of my sweat in the gym.

Normally it’s anywhere from 1 1/2 hours of football or Soccer (etc)maybe 3-5 times a week.

Can anyone offer any advice on maximizing gains from the gym while still “having fun” with other activities?

Thanks for any help!

I’d recommend that you prioritize what’s important to you.

Max effort and rep training are probably good bets for your in-the-gym work because you’re getting so much reactive work in your sporting activities, so from a training economy standpoint, you really won’t have to worry about incorporating plyos in your programming.

As a general rule of thumb, I just encourage people to make sure that they lift first whenever possible. Beyond that, it’s tough to say, as it will be intensity dependent. When I play hoops or softball, I’ll generally try to train lower body the day after.

Above all, just learn to listen to your body, build your work capacity gradually, and you’ll be fine.

As EC said you need to prioritise. Are you training in the gym to become better at the other sports, or are the sports a nice diversion from the gym, where your main focus is improving your physique?

If it’s the former you could probably get away with less time in the gym by concentrating on the “money exercises”. Try CT’s Part Time Beast program or his recent Renaissance Body Development. These are great programs for getting a lot out of little time in the gym and improving conditioning levels for sports.

Dan John also has some stories on his web site about how athletes he has coached have had great success during the season by just doing simple, but hard, exercises like power snatches, clean and presses, and overhead squats.

If it is the latter then you need to workout a way to fit in the “fun” stuff so that it won’t affect your gains in the gym. It may mean alternating between two sports each week rather than doing both each week, to allow for better recovery.