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Balance and Basketball


Ive learned through playing basketball that balance and footwork is major... would balancing on each foot maybe with a ball in your hands or something for lets say.. i donno 15 mins each leg or something everyday... would that improve your balance and maybe a few aspects of your game? maybe a stupid question, just a thought, give me some insight. Thanks.


Your time would be better spent doing exercises that require balance, such as single leg squats and lunge variations. You don't need to spend 15 minutes a day on one leg...how many situations are there going to be that require you to balance for 15 minutes straight? Balancing for short intervals is a lot more applicable.


I doubt it. I'm pretty sure that proprioception is very specific to the task performed, meaning that balancing on one leg will only make you better at balancing on one leg.

A better idea to improve basketball-specific balance and coordination would be to practice doing certain basic skills with your eyes closed.




Besides that like flexibility and strength, balance is rate specific...

Someone just forgot to inform Perform Better and their crew of tools that....

At a high rate of speed I am amazingly graceful and fluid, but when moving slow I think of myself as a clunker...

I train a girl who has been in ballet her whole life and is now a collegiate soccer goalie... she is just the opposite..can raise her leg, wrap it around, balance in toe position, whatever, she moves like crap when it is fast...

The low level force and rate stability work is to train muscles to fire when improper firing is taking place... not to make elite level athelets...it is prehab, not performance training.... Barry Sanders wasn't made on a 1/2 foam roller and wobble board...



I played at a good Division I program and I can tell you that if you want better balance for basketball you must refine your footwork. Most players are off balance because they don't get in the right position and they understand how to use their footwork to move as efficiently as possible.

You can use great exercises such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, step-ups, etc. but I don't think this is unusual. Improving your strength levels with improve your ability to move more effectively on the court and utilize your skills. I have played against amazing players that have never hit the weight room or performed any balance drills. They were just great at footwork and manipulating body position.