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Baksetball Player Need Help

I need to get stronger faster bigger and jump higher. What program would u reccomend for this im 6-4 mayb 6-5 15 years old squat 190 lbs weight 196 lbs have a 23 inch vertical leap run a 5.3 40 i need alot of all i have 6 months before the season what would you reccomend

Get a good trainer to build you a foundation.

Jadakiss, achieving all those goals in a single season or cycle of training is very difficult to accomplish.

Man, there are tons and tons of questions that need be asked. Unfortunately, you’ll probably draw a lot of responses along the lines of pick a program from the search engine and eat a ton. While those suggestions may hold some water, an athlete really needs a lot more direction than that.

If you’ve got little to no strength training experience, then it will make it easier but more difficult. Ironic? Yep. It’ll be easier because your body will likely make some very drastic improvements in the next six months given hard and disciplined training and nutrition programs. It’ll be difficult because your familiarity with exercises and the like will make it tough.

If you’ve got experience with the olympic lifts, you’re in great shape. If not, then your carry-over to basketball might be diminished from lack of sport specific movements. That being said, we should still be able to set up a decent program with more user-friendly exercises.

I do second Sully’s suggestion of finding a very reputable, experienced trainer or trainee. I say trainee because you may very well find that someone in your gym has more experience and willingness to share and help you learn than a trainer.

If you want some more assistance, let me know.