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Baking Tren - vent?

I am getting ready to make some tren from Fina, and none of the instructions I have read state that one should vent the Tren ampule when baking in oven at 250 degrees. Do you or don’t you vent with needle?

I would think not, as the BA/BB would easily evaporate. Also, needles have that damned plastic doo-whicky on the end where you normally attach to a syringe. Would think that would melt.

Getting ready to make a batch using Methyl Alcohol to make Tren powder from Fina. Will let you know how it goes.

You should vent it. Why risk it? The plastic tip is a pretty hard plastic, it has a high melting point. Even if it did melt it wouldn’t hurt anything,it’s not like it could drip down the needle into your tren.

Just seems like the BA would evaporate…

I would recomend placing it in a water bath instead. Either way you don’t have to worry about the BA evaporating or the plastic luer loc melting.

Do not put it in the oven at that high of a temp. You can damage the horomone. You need to understand that you cannot evaporate the BA or the BB. You think you could but you can’t. This has been discussed before by Cy. The only reason why you would want to bake it is for sterility. Now if you bake your oil BEFORE you use it then you have eliminated this problem. If you use a .22UM filter this makes your solution sterile. The .45UM is for prefilter only. If you doubt what I say I use wesson oil right out of the bottle and sterilize it and have injected it with no problems what so ever. There is no reason to bake it if you sterilize everything before and then filter it through a .22UM filter.

the hot water bath seems to work just as well. the boiling point of water is 212 F i believe-used this method with zero problems, and yes i vented.

BA boils at 401 degrees F!!!

Again, P-22 is right on target. I gave up on the baking. It seemed of give the tren a burnt appearance and if made me always wonder if the tren molecules have been degraded (even a little). The BA will not evaporate as the BP of it is well above 200 F.

What I do is to bring a pan of water to a vigorous boil, turn off the heat (gas) and place the vial in it for about 20 minutes; then I repeat the process one more time. Make sure to vent the vial just for insurance.

Never had an issue.

Creed is right. The boiling point for BA is 400 degrees… it WON’T evapoarte. The reason why you VENT the vial is because the oil will expand when heated while you sterilize it. IMO, ALWAYS sterilize it, no matter how well you think you filtered it. Stick a pin in just to vent the cap, DO NOT put it in deep enough where it will touch the oil!

Baking it at 250 degrees will NOT melt the “plastic thingy” (LOL) on the end of your needle. I’ve never tried the hot water bath. It just doesn’t seem the temperature would be high enough to sterilize anything. Good luck.

The consensus seems to be, from what I have found on the web, is that you should bake at 250 to sterilize, because even though some folks take a chance and have no bad effects, you are rolling the dice without sterilization.

Filtering only reduces the threat - sterilization elimates the threat (at least what is inside the bottle). Some folks bake 2-3 times. Not me.

Also, most think about 400 degrees destroys the Tren (vice 250 degrees), although I doubt anyone has studied it. SInce all kit instructions say bake it, I am going to go with that. And, I will vent without having the needle touch the oil.

Thanks to all for the info. I think all of you have had success with the way you have done it, I just feel more secure baking it.

Since we are talking Tren - let me ask -for those of you who have made it from Fina, have any of you used the MA method to make into powder? If so, did you like the results? If not, I’ll let you know how it goes!

the bro’s above covered it pretty well. when i was making my own i would simply bake at 220 degrees for 20 minutes. repeating 3 times. venting with a 25g pin. did four cycles including “homemade” tren. never had a bad shot.