Baking Gear

This test e I have is 300mg per mL, so I expect it to pin rougher than 250. However, this shit still hurts from Sunday. Not my first pin by a long shot, but definitely one of the more painful.

I know the gear is good, I have friends that use it, plus I’ve got “test flu” like I always get the first week or two.
I suspect the ba is high in this batch.
My question is this, can I bake it at 275 for 30 min, vented with 20g without worry?

Also, what do you guys place the vial on in the oven? Baking sheet?

I sit mine on the stove top directly but I ate to break it to you baking it is not going to knock the BA count down and will do very little for the PIP. Just being honest. Heating it up before injection can def help but has pretty much nothing to do with BA content