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Bakersfield forceful

Which is stronger or

What are you contaminated with?


Gear Gainz

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A lifetime of booze and toxins. Plus excess estrogen and a numb penis.

I’m not sure how much cranberries are going to help with that…

How about you

stop drinking

and eating shit?

It’s much easier just to drink the magic joose

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Alliteration aside, a non-numb penis seems like a precondition for proper pimpage.


Lol at this thread. You can get a heavy metal test cheap if you drank city water or 3rd world water growing up (or if you ate paint chips). Lead and mercury are real toxins that can be tested for and treated. Lead exposure can cause impotence.

As for liver “detox” TUDCA has been shown to lower liver enzymes, increase insulin sensitivity in muscle and liver and stop the progression of cirrhosis (though not reverse it), and protect retinal cells from damage. Many of the studies are very small sample size in humans or done on rats.

For kidneys: get your blood pressure in the normal range, fix your blood lipid/sugar numbers, drink lots of water and pray for no genetic kidney problems.


please check my posts that I have made…

how old are you and did you ever take propecia/finasteride?
I am a 24 year old male who has had no libido, and numb genitals for the last 3 years. I have been going to countless doctors, endos, urologists, neurolgists with no answers…

Total T is 680 but DHT is low at 178 (300-850) E2 seems low too at 12 (11.5-36)

I have consistantly elevated liver enzymes ggt+alt , as well as billirubin, and uric acid. DHEA-s is also slightly elevated.

The doctor doesn’t seem to think I have any underlying issue but I am soo messed up. I leak urine, and my armpits smell horrible even after washing them. I was working on a construction site as a garbage man when this all started, so I am thinking I came into contact with some kind of toxin?!

@Basement_Gainz I would like your opinion too :slight_smile:

How heavy are you at 24yo? Not asking to be mean. But uric acid is gout right? Gout is traditionally an old fat man’s disease. I’m fatter than I’d like as well btw so don’t feel bad. If you’re carrying excess fat that can screw over your hormones right now.

How much alcohol do you drink? If your liver enzymes are fucked at 24yo you’re either in a disease state or drinking WAY too much. Not to stereotype but construction workers are known for drinking/smoking weed pretty much universally.

If you suspect real toxins (heavy metals, not gluten level bullshit) then get a test.

If you want to optimize hormones it’s really simple theoretically, but tough to really change your life. Don’t be fat, drink enough water, get good sleep, handle stress well, don’t drink to excess, eat some natural fats and cholesterol, magnezium/zinc/boron, train with weights a few times a week and have sex with another person as often as is practical.

If you’re not going to do all that practical stuff and want a shortcut, low dose proviron (an illegal class 3 steroid) will give you crazy libido. But that’s lazy and illegal. Don’t do that.


libido was super high before, its like my penis muscle is dead. I haven’t had a spontaneous erection in 3 years now. Doctor cant find anything and now thinks its psychological. Im about 165lbs at 5’10. I do not drink alcohol at all or smoke or drugs or anything like that. I never took steroids and am not on testosterone either… It’s like my body just shut down almost like some kind of testosterone resistance or something!? I mean I can only get an erection through physical stimulation, once gone it goes down in 3-5 seconds. Its like the mind-penis connection is gone. I used to be able to keep an erection and “keep it up” thinking of a girls pussy, or the smell of her hair…

the skin on my scrotum/penis feels litteraly like rubber, and on top of all of this I feel like Im anemic or low blood sugar, with itchy gritty eyes and fatigue…


I was working as a garbage man on a construction site when this mess started… I remember this was the time I noticed a decline in my health and a whole bunch of symptoms. Fatigue, anxiety, impotence, genital numbness, loss of orgasm ability, gross body odor, no spontaneous erections. Odd enough there was a water tank on the site that I drank from. It was a big 100l plastic tank that was out in the sun all day? Im wondering now if it was contaminated and I caught something from that giving me all kinds of problems now?

If you suspect heavy metals. Get your blood tested for heavy metals. It’s cheap and risk free. Even a doctor couldn’t guess what harmed you based on “I drank water at a construction site”. Let alone schmucks on a forum.

For all you know it could be a pituitary tumor or depression that coincided with the construction water. Correlation/causation and all that.

My only experience with heavy metal toxicity is reading MSDS sheets, testing my own blood after I cast bullets for my business and paying for blood tests for hourly guys when I worked in specialty metals. The main culprits in normal industry are usually lead and tungsten (especially with welders).

Was it labeled as drinking water? If not, it could have had virtually anything in it. Or even if it was labeled, depending on what part of the world you’re in.

Canada, It was one of these


people would use it to wash there hands, wet their face in the hot sun…

I’d go with TUDCA for liver and Astragalus for the kidneys. Also can get Dandelion root extract, or have some tea of the same.