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Baked Beans and Hypertrophy


any correlation? would love to hear any insight.


correlation to gas!!!


beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you...



correlation to gas!!!

edit: beaten


Beans are an excellent source of protein.


I don't personally use them in my diet but I know Dr. Clay lists them as an acceptable carb source.

I would be curious to hear what any of the competitors here have to say about them.


I doubt here is any correlation. While I may eat turkey chile in the offseason, I prefer more satiety and less calorically dense carb choices when dieting.

Was that really a serious question?



Are you cereal?
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Lots of carbs, some fiber, some incomplete protein, lots of gas, tastes good.

Some folks think that the surface can leech nutrients, but I personally don't eat enough to care.

Is this all groundbreaking stuff?


Nope, but people still seem to not get it. Taking 30 seconds to search the nutrient profile of baked beans on http://nutritiondata.com tells you 90% of the relevant nutrition information a dieter needs to know about the food (protein, carbohydrates, fat, sucrose, fiber, vitamin/mineral content, glycemic index/load, etc). People tend to just be lazy.


Too much sugar in a baked beans recipe for me. Beans minus sugar would be better.


AS far as I know there a good source of carbs and fiber plus you get a small helping of protein so more bang for your buck.

I dont eat them myself as the sauce is too surgery for me i.e. Id go on a bean binge but if your diet allows them then why not.


Simply because there are better (more and complete) sources of protein, with a much better ration of carbs to protein in them. Beans and rice are popular in certain cultures because they're cheap, and together, are much better for you than separately. HOwever, for a bodybuilder, or someone with physique goals (who's not completely rock bottom poor), there are much better food choices you could be making.

Again, they're not horrible, but give me meat, some oatmeal, and some peanut butter, and I'm a very happy (and fairly built) man :slight_smile:



if you bought 7 or 8 boxes filled with tins of baked beans tied a rope around them and dragged them home followed that with a PWO meal of emmmm beans then yes this may create some stimulus for muscle growth .