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Baja 1000 Desert Race


Today hundreds of race vehicles leave Ensenada, Mexico and head down the Baja peninsula to La Paz in a 1000+ mile off road race. Motorcycles and quads started at 6am Pacific and the trophy trucks and buggies surged off the line at 11:30.

Do we have other desert/off road racing fans or participants out there?


So far the Honda 1x team is leading the field by a few minutes.

*footage from a previous 1000


I always said that if I ever win the lottery, I'd open up a motorsports company and race the Baja 1000.

I've dug this since watching it on ESPN when I was a kid.

Great thread PHD~


I'm a big fan of the sport and I've gone down to Ensenada on numerous occasions to watch the Baja 1000 and 500s. If you haven't seen Dana Brown's documentary about the 2007 Baja 1000 called Dust to Glory, I would recommend it if you're interested in off road racing.

Edgy, if you ever win the lotto and start that motorsport company, I'd be honored to be a co-driver for your team.


finally got around to building a Jeep for some trail riding and rock crawling. that's fun for a while, but now I'm dropping in a 350 and changing the gearing for sand/trails.

crawling is fun, but I likes to go fast~

You ever been to the King of the Hammers in Cali?


Nope. But it looks like a lot of fun!


you'd dig it.

10,000 people in a dry lake in the desert for 3 days.

gearheads dream.


Honda 1x Motorcycle still in the lead with a close to 30 minute lead going into the final 200 miles.

The trophy truck favorite was Andy McMillin. Unfortunately, his truck experienced a failure in his steering system and they're back on the trail but painfully far behind.


pirate4x4.com is my favorite site for baja/rockclimbing/or a mix (KOH) Tons of competitors and builders their that post regularly. Also awesome build threads... and if you're building something yourself and get stuck there is someone that will help you out. At least imo best off-road site... if you like mud as well humph.. they added a forum for that a year ago.


What jeep? I just put a sbc in my 1980 cj5 over the summer... if you can call it a cj5 anymore :P. Its far from finished though(4 link front and rear, 14bolt, dana 60, coil overs at all corners for major changes plus lots of "minor". future.. hydo steering and new tires.. and gonna chop the back end off sooner or later) and there will be another engine swap within the next 3 years. Next build will be a baja truck.. Just don't have the money for such endeavors yet.. Thats going to take some time though because thats a whole different beast that I'm not familiar with. Maybe before i'm 30 :smiley: with my income now :stuck_out_tongue:


84 CJ7, 4 1/2" Rubicon Express lift, 1" Body lift to handle the 36" IROKs. Dana 44 front w/ 4/56 gears and TruTrac Locker, Ford 9" in the rear, 4/56 w/ Detroit locker.

Standard AMC 4.2 liter w/ Howell injection, but now I'm pulling that out and dropping in a Chevy 350/350 w/ Throttle body injection, solid crank, etc.

It's set up as a daily driver with spring under leafs.

WISH I had the money and time to make a desert racer, but once I hit the lottery....


Unofficially, the Honda 1x Motorcycle finished at 19 hours, twenty minutes and the #21 Vildosola Racing Trophy Truck finished in 19 hours, four seconds! Giving Vildosola the Overall Victory of this Baja 1000 race.