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Baingil's Training Log

Hi guys,

So this will be my digital log, I find it easier to keep track of it this way than writing everything in a notebook or something like that.

A bit of backstory, I started lifting at 16 after joining my HS football team; I wanted to be more physically able to keep up with the guys of were playing football since their childhood. I picked up a good 20 lbs of lean mass over the course of one full year of training (~185 lbs, 14% bf). I was somewhat fit at the time, but there were still players stronger and faster than me, I intensified training and controlling more my eating habits so I could continue to grow.

I moved on to university where I played college football. I played one full year and a concussion ruined my sophomore season. Once my health got back to normal. I started to take a little bit of time off training to do other thing and quickly the bad habits rolled in. I picked up weight up to 240 lbs over 2 years.

I started lifting after that in January 2015, I lost around 50 pounds last year. I was leaner, my health inconveniences (chest pain, migraine and poor mobility) gradually stepped away.

At the moment I stand at around 200 lbs with 14% bf, my current goal is to shed the fact as well as being more functional in my everyday life.

My trainings are usually centered around olympic powerlifting, I used to do these lifts a lot during football offseasons and they grew on me. Here’s a few 1RM

Deadlift: 315 lbs
Faull Squat: 345 lbs
Bench: 235 lbs
Clean: 195 lbs
Jerk: 165 lbs

Here’s my current split:

Day 1:Back
Day 2: Chest+Shoulders
Day 3:Overall Cardio (Crosstraining)
Day 4: Legs
Day 5:Arms

Hope you guys enjoy the log, don’t hesitate to ask questions if there’s anything


Today’s Training


A1 Battle Rope
330 sec
A2 Push Ups

B1 Barbell Hip Thrust
1095 lbs
10*133 lbs

C1 Lateral Raise
1215 lbs
12*20 lbs

C2 Bent Over Delt Raise
41515 lbs

C3 Incline Barbell Bench Press
210133 lbs
210143 lbs

D1 Arnold Press
31030 lbs

D2 Decline Bench Pess
8133 lbs
8*173 lbs

E1 Single Arm Linear Jammer
31045 lbs

F1 Dumbell Flat Bench Press
1045 lbs
50 lbs
1*55 lbs

F2 Dumbell Fly
12*20 lbs