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Baingil's Training Log


Hi guys,

So this will be my digital log, I find it easier to keep track of it this way than writing everything in a notebook or something like that.

A bit of backstory, I started lifting at 16 after joining my HS football team; I wanted to be more physically able to keep up with the guys of were playing football since their childhood. I picked up a good 20 lbs of lean mass over the course of one full year of training (~185 lbs, 14% bf). I was somewhat fit at the time, but there were still players stronger and faster than me, I intensified training and controlling more my eating habits so I could continue to grow.

I moved on to university where I played college football. I played one full year and a concussion ruined my sophomore season. Once my health got back to normal. I started to take a little bit of time off training to do other thing and quickly the bad habits rolled in. I picked up weight up to 240 lbs over 2 years.

I started lifting after that in January 2015, I lost around 50 pounds last year. I was leaner, my health inconveniences (chest pain, migraine and poor mobility) gradually stepped away.

At the moment I stand at around 200 lbs with 14% bf, my current goal is to shed the fact as well as being more functional in my everyday life.

My trainings are usually centered around olympic powerlifting, I used to do these lifts a lot during football offseasons and they grew on me. Here's a few 1RM

Deadlift: 315 lbs
Faull Squat: 345 lbs
Bench: 235 lbs
Clean: 195 lbs
Jerk: 165 lbs

Here's my current split:

Day 1:Back
Day 2: Chest+Shoulders
Day 3:Overall Cardio (Crosstraining)
Day 4: Legs
Day 5:Arms

Hope you guys enjoy the log, don't hesitate to ask questions if there's anything



Today's Training


A1 Battle Rope
3*30 sec
A2 Push Ups

B1 Barbell Hip Thrust
10*95 lbs
2*10*133 lbs

C1 Lateral Raise
12*15 lbs
3*12*20 lbs

C2 Bent Over Delt Raise
4*15*15 lbs

C3 Incline Barbell Bench Press
2*10*133 lbs
2*10*143 lbs

D1 Arnold Press
3*10*30 lbs

D2 Decline Bench Pess
8*133 lbs
2*8*173 lbs

E1 Single Arm Linear Jammer
3*10*45 lbs

F1 Dumbell Flat Bench Press
10*45 lbs
2*50 lbs
1*55 lbs

F2 Dumbell Fly
12*20 lbs